44.01, an Oman-based carbon removal and storage technology company, and the country’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) have agreed a concession for the world’s first and largest commercial-scale peridotite mineralisation project, which will begin in 2024 in the Hajar mountains.

The project will take place at a site in Al Qabil where 44.01 has already completed a successful pilot project to prove that their process is effective, safe and permanent.

44.01 will take Carbon Dioxide (CO2) captured from the atmosphere or from industrial processes, dissolve it in water and inject it into peridotite formations deep underground, where it will mineralise, or turn into rock permanently.

Peridotite, an ultramafic rock found in abundance across Oman, mineralises CO2 naturally, but this usually takes decades. 44.01’s technology accelerates the process, offering a safe, permanent, scalable way of eliminating CO2 in less than a year.

In January 2023 Zawya Projects had reported that 44.01’s first mineralisation pilot project in the UAE in partnership with ADNOC will be completed in a year.

44.01 didn’t disclose the value or duration of the concession agreement with MEM.

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(Writing by Sowmya Sundar; Editing by Anoop Menon)