Dubai-Based, Global Firm UWI, Embraces World Cities Day Objectives in its Flagship City

Dubai, UAE – United World Infrastructure (UWI), the Dubai and Washington-DC based firm that funds, develops and manages next generation cities, is celebrating World Cities Day with another award, being recognized as the first ‘Smart Healthy City and Communities Township’ in Iskandar Puteri, for its signature city Medini, Malaysia. The award honors cities that enhance quality of life, create smart, connected and inclusive communities, and promote sustainable, economic and technological ecosystems.

World Cities Day, launched by UN-Habitat in 2014, embraces the 11th Sustainable Development Goal: to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. On this day, the principal theme of: Better City, Better Life is adopted.

“We credit our unique and holistic approach to urban developments, and the forward-thinking initiatives of our partners in Medini, for the international recognition, awards and outstanding fiscal achievements received” says UWI’s Principal Vafa Valapour.

“As we have been building cities since 2005, we have witnessed rapid development and successful expansion within the region and are eyeing the surging urbanization trends in frontier markets around the world; we also recognize the need for diverse expertise and perspectives to create better cities” Valapour added.

“Notably, an additional 2.4 Billion people will live in cities within the next generation, with Africa and Asia experiencing the bulk of this growth.  When cities are designed sustainably, they boost the potential of skillsets and existing human capital through cross-pollination of concepts between industries and offer immediate access to more expansive markets for entrepreneurs.  Cities also enable greater social progress through access to enhanced educational and wellness opportunities for residents, and aid environmental preservation through reduced carbon emission levels.”

Within its urban developments, UWI concentrates on four integrated layers in partnership with local governments – investor-friendly policy frameworks within special economic zones, resident-centered built and natural environments, investment partnerships, and responsive city management services. 

“By considering these integrated urban methodologies at the inception stages of city developments, they support governments to rapidly and effectively keep pace with increased requirements from residents, workers, and visitors.  With UWI’s investment and ongoing involvement at every stage of development, we aim to deliver highly livable urban developments which meet the needs of residents to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and to live sustainably,” Valapour added. 

This model has proved effective within Medini.  Five years after its infrastructure outlay was completed in 2012, Medini has generated over 20,000 jobs, and has attracted USD 16 Billion of investment.

“UWI’s developments attract large catalyst projects which boost economic growth within a city, and create employment opportunities for local populations and foreign knowledge workers, which results in technology transfer opportunities, further driving creativity. Legoland in Medini sees up to 2 million visitors annually further enhancing the city’s foreign and domestic tourism industry, while Gleneagles hospital provides world class medical services and recognizes international insurances, and is hence able to serve a high volume of neighboring populations including Singaporeans,” says UWI’s Technical Director, Amr Youssef.

“We notice a rising number of foreign chambers of commerce, business councils, and investment boards moving into UWI cities such as the Malaysian Dutch Business Council and the Malaysia-China International Investment Association that has recently opened its first branch in Medini City.  Although this growth seems organic, it is the result of carefully considered policies and the development of a business-friendly ecosystem” Youssef added.

Additional international organizations moving into UWI cities include global outsourcing and technology services company Aegis Ltd, that has expanded its presence and opened its new Business Process Management Centre of Excellence in Medini City, and the anticipated arrival of other international councils in the near future.

This is Medini’s fourth international award supporting sustainability initiatives in the last six months.  Medini was awarded the ‘Green Champion of Emerging Green City’ and ‘Green Champion of Smart and Green Infrastructure: Greenfield Development’ awards from the Institute of Parks and Recreation Singapore (IPRS) and World Urban Parks this year, for its commitment to sustainability and smart infrastructure. Two additional International Property Awards were received for project developments in Medini, for the recently renovated iconic ‘Orange’ Seri Medini Office Complex, and the new Medini Investor Centre at Medini 6. Most recently, the city was named the first ‘Smart Healthy City and Communities Township’ in Iskandar Puteri by the Iskandar Regional Development Authority.

“With our commitment to building cities which meet sustainability objectives, World Cities Day is an opportunity for us to not only appreciate our achievements in this area, such as those in Medini, but also to consider how much work there is left in front of us,” Valapour added.


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