AKYASI, meaning ‘my bags’ in Arabic is a new and unique mobile application which aims to facilitate its users shopping experience.  This is done through enabling  a seamless experience from  store to any door. In addition, the application highlights the UAE’s flourishing reputation as a renowned hub for tech-startups as well as its continuing leadership in driving retail innovation.

Established by entrepreneurs, Founder-CEO Ranya Zaben and Co-Founder, Business Development Director, Enass Soussan. The AKYASI app introduces technology to the offline market.  This derives from  its ability to reduce the burden on shopping-lovers from carrying numerous, usually heavy shopping bags. Conversely, the app encourages regular online shoppers who often suffer from disappointing delivered purchases to return to and re-enjoy the physical shopping experience in a better and cost effective way. The AKYASI application does this by collectivizing shoppers, retailers, shopping centres and logistic companies. This includes shopping centres which already have concierge centres and AKYASI will accordingly improve the service provided.

Shopping with AKYASI is simple. After downloading the AKYASI app for free on Android or iOS,  subsequently signing in with your mobile number, users can then choose their desired  location for collection or delivery, whether it is their home, hotel or office. Following each purchase, consumers then scan the QR-code on their AKYASI bags in addition to the QR code on one of many drop-off location boxes located throughout shopping districts.  The customer then pays through credit card on the application or cash on delivery with the price based on the consumer’s selected drop-off address.

AKYASI is a complete operations platform which allows the tracking and coordination of the travel of the user’s bag at any moment from the shop to the users preferred pick up point or delivery address.  This technology is caplable of handling multiple shopping districts simultaneously, in different countries, and different time zones whilst also collecting data on user’s shopping patterns to enable the upselling of relevant products online or offline, within any shopping district.  Indeed, the collection of the AKYASI app data will enable the re-evaluation of consumer behaviour in order to build marketing campaigns based on data collections.

Morveover, using the AKYASI app is beneficial for everyone.  For consumers, this means users will no longer have to worry about carrying overloaded bags while strolling around shopping districts and going in and out of shops and restaurants.  For retailers,  the app helps emphasize brand loyalty and additionally increases dwell time and ATV.  For shopping centers, it will increase the duration and spending of customers, and finally for logistics companies, the application will increase their exposure and enable a new revenue stream.

Commenting on the AKYASI App, CEO Ms. Ranya Zaben said;

‘The retail market in the UAE is at a historic tipping point. The advent and popularity of e-commerce has meant that convenience is now the paramount consideration for shoppers. This makes it imperative upon traditional retailers to find viable, innovative ways to make the customer experience more seamless and hassle-free. Our innovative, technology-driven platform will increase footfall for retailers, improve conversion rates and boost business revenue’.

Encouraged by the response to their platform in the UAE, the company is planning to roll out the app in other markets in the region shortly.

It is clear nevertheless that this application is a perfect hybrid between the online shopping and the offline shopping experience.  Indeed, it shifts and enriches the traditional shopping experience through adapting its strengths to the needs and wants of consumers.


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