Key survey takeaways:

  • The survey showcases 16 categories of inspiring workers and commemorates their acts of service.
  • Police force emerged as the top-most unsung hero in the UAE by 55% of participants, followed by armed forces (53%) and construction workers (49%).
  • 1026 respondents participated in the survey, majority of whom are Asians, followed by Arab expats and Emiratis.

The UAE police force has been recognized in a survey as the top unsung heroes in the UAE, followed by the UAE armed forces and construction workers, ranking second and third, respectively.

The survey, based on the responses of over 1,026 individuals, was conducted during the Holy month of Ramadan by Insight Discovery and supported by the region’s premier business club, Capital Club Dubai, their first such study.

The police were ranked on top by over half of the respondents (55%), while armed forces (53%), construction workers (49%), paramedics (47%), fire fighters (45%), street cleaners (41%), security guards (37%), and domestic helpers (36%) featured among other categories of unsung heroes.

Other categories included delivery drivers (28%), taxi drivers (16%), petrol attendants (15%), gardeners (14%), waiters (12%), window cleaners (12%), cooks (11%) and car cleaners (10%).

Nigel Sillitoe, CEO of Insight Discovery, said: “Employees from these 16 essential roles have been providing extraordinary services over the past several years by keeping communities going. Even during the pandemic, these workers had no choice but to go to work every day as they could not work from home. The survey has revealed the inspiring but under-appreciated heroes from every facet of society, and it shines a light on the underappreciated acts of those who help others achieve.”

Most of the respondents in the survey belonged to the 25-44 years age group, with an annual income of up to AED 40,000.

Added Sillitoe “The survey comes hot on the heels of our annual worst reputation study, which is now in its fourth year. Given what everyone has been through over the past couple of years, we wanted to launch this inaugural unsung heroes study.”

Mohamed Karmaoui, General Manager of the Capital Club Dubai, added “The survey, the first-of-its-kind in the UAE, showcases the incredible roles that the country’s everyday heroes play in helping the country to be a better place to live in. We want to shine a light on the people who do extraordinary work on a daily basis to help uplift the community but are seldom appreciated. This survey is our effort to give back and shed light on some of the incredible individuals in our communities. We aim to conduct it every year to commemorate these individuals who are the real heroes of our times. They all inconvenience their lives every day to make the lives of the UAE residents easier.”