DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and RIYADH, Saudi Arabia(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the desire for travel remains strong, the rising costs can be an obstacle for those eager to explore new destinations. To address this challenge, resources are dedicated to discovering affordable flight options. In response to the growing demand for solutions, WINGIE, the leading marketplace in the MENA region, offers tips and insights to help travelers navigate the turbulence of increasing airfare.

Embrace Flight Search Engines

Use comparison websites to stay updated with personalized price alerts and flexible search options for budget-friendly destinations. Follow the "Goldilocks Window" rule: book 2-3 months ahead for domestic travel and 4-8 months for international flights. Save money by considering opposite shoulder seasons during peak travel times.

Think Outside the Box

Consider alternative airports near your destination. Smaller regional hubs can offer significant cost savings and provide a cheaper approach to travel planning. Broaden your choices by considering flights at less busy times. Flights departing at 02:00 are often cheaper than those at 09:00 for the same destination. With WINGIE you can verify this, as besides occasional exceptions, you'll find that it is in this manner.

Loyalty Pays Off

Explore credit cards to unlock exclusive perks like free lounge access and fast track at airports. Elevate your travel planning by turning on notifications for exclusive deals and promotions. This way, you can stay ahead of price changes for proactive decision-making and get timely notifications of sales and offers.

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