• KSA is the world’s fastest-growing tourism destination
  • MENA’s L&E sector generates approximately AED 30 billion in revenue

Dubai, UAE: Fever, the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform, cites that the UAE’s target of attracting 40 million tourist visits by 2030, and its subsequent economic contribution of AED 450 billion ($123 billion) to the country’s national GDP[1], will further boost the leisure and entertainment (L&E) sectors of both the nation and the region.

The L&E sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) currently generates approximately AED 30 billion ($8.2 billion)[2] in revenue. Countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia (KSA), among others in the Middle East, have invested heavily in tourism infrastructure and marketing campaigns to attract tourists from all over the world and this has elevated the region’s stature to become a globally renowned touristic destination.

The UAE is seeing its efforts bear fruit in recent years as it was named the world’s top destination in 2022 for international traveller expenditure. The country raked in approximately AED 108 billion ($29.42 billion), nearly doubling Doha’s AED 62 billion ($16.79 billion). The UAE’s momentum holds steady as it welcomed 4.7 million tourists in the first quarter of 2023[3].

After being ranked 13th globally as one of the most visited countries by international tourists in 2022, KSA has already seen 7.8 million tourists in the first three months of this year alone[4]; the kingdom is well poised to surpass its 2019 visitor count of 17.5 million people and this has helped garner its recognition as the world’s fastest-growing tourism destination.

According to Fever, this influx of visitors has fueled the demand for L&E offerings in MENA. Rachid Laurent Elameri, General Manager of Fever Middle East explained: "Tourism brings in significant revenue and contributes to the overall economic growth of a country, and this is being seen first-hand in countries like the UAE where tourist spending increased by 70% last year[5].”

He added: “The money spent by tourists on accommodation, dining, transportation, shopping, and entertainment activities directly stimulates the local economy. This financial infusion creates opportunities for businesses to invest in the development and expansion of leisure and entertainment offerings. Companies in Dubai who participate in pushing this agenda forward will accordingly help the emirate maintain its world-leading position across all industries, and especially in the space of L&E.”

Incepted in 2014, Fever has been on a mission to democratize access to culture and entertainment in real life. Its platform is used by more than 125 million people worldwide and raised $200 million in funding from Goldman Sachs in 2022 before the company soon after expanded to the GCC. As Fever continues to solidify its presence in the GCC and the UAE, the company is committed to enabling more potential for experiences and artists to be highlighted in the region.

About Fever:

Fever is the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform which has helped millions of people discover the best experiences in their cities since 2014. With a mission to democratize access to culture and entertainment in real life through its platform, Fever inspires users to enjoy unique local experiences and events, from immersive exhibitions, interactive theatrical experiences, and festivals to molecular cocktail pop-ups, while empowering creators with data and technology to create and expand experiences across the world.

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