25th February- Cairo: A recent inDrive City to City survey[1] has shed light on preferences and travel patterns in Egypt, offering insights for those who are planning the upcoming travel season.

Egyptians show a remarkable consistency in their intercity travel habits, with 25% engaging in travel between cities 2-4 times per month. Over the last six months, respondents declared taking on average 3 trips, indicating a steady pattern of travel. Notably, every fifth respondent (26%) occasionally embarks on quite long journeys, spanning distances of more than 500 km.

The top reason behind this is tight family relationships and family visits (60%) since maintaining family connections across distances is essential to Egyptians. With holidays often marked by family gatherings, this trend becomes even more noticeable.

With Egypt’s diverse historical and cultural landscape, 46% of respondents gave tourism as a reason for intercity trips. Another 24% are those who commute or travel for business purposes.

How Egyptians plan their trips

Around 85% of Egyptians embrace spontaneity in their cross-country trips, often planning visits a few days before or even on the same day. When holiday approaches, it’s better to plan trips a little bit ahead of time, to get the most comfortable option for a reasonable price.

Common modes of travel include buses (53%), trains (37%), and personal cars (20%). Additionally, 16% of respondents opt for individual intercity ride-hailing services or taxis. When choosing means of transportation, Egyptians equally prioritize safety (64%), the comfort of a ride (55%), and reasonable price (55%). Convenient schedule or pick-up time is crucial for 23% of respondents.

These findings highlight a balance between spontaneity, habits, and the importance of safety and comfort. As Egyptians prepare for traveling, nothing must spoil the journey and the long-awaited moment of family reunion. We at inDrive City to City care about the safety and comfort of our passengers, but also about a fair price for each trip, all of which we encourage through safety features and letting passengers and drivers directly negotiate their price”, says Mohamed Alia at Business development for inDrive City to City.

inDrive City to City enables such comfort and safe travels between cities and for long distances during the year. Opportunities to unite with family or visit new places come with a unique ‘set your own price’ model. The passenger offers the price first and drivers can accept or negotiate it. The passenger can choose a ride based on fare, driver rating, and the type of car they would like to travel in. Also, there is no need to plan a trip according to timetables, users can order a car whenever they want - an ideal choice for those who opt for spontaneous trips.

[1]  inDrive.City to City online survey based on a third-party panel provider of 312 respondents in August-September 202 3among those who take an intercity ride by ground at least 1 time per 6 months.