With the celebration of women’s month and in recognition of her remarkable efforts in women’s empowerment and sustainable development domains, Rawya Mansour, Chairman of Ramsco Construction & Eco Villages receives two consecutive recognitions from the Colombian Ambassador in Egypt and the Commercial International Bank (CIB)- CIB -GLAM sustainability award.

The first recognition was given to Mansour by Ana Milena Muñoz de Gaviria, the Colombian Ambassador to Egypt in a grand celebration in the presence of a group of ministers, ambassadors, and public figures, including Rania A. Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation and Hisham Ezz El-Arab Managing Partner at HE Advisory & Board member at CIB.

Mansour received the CIB GLAM sustainability award in the presence of Hala H. Elsaid Minister of Planning and Economic Development, and Mohamed Sultan, Chief Operations Officer, CIB. The ceremony was also witnessed by a number of esteemed ambassadors from numerous countries, mainly; Ana Milena Muñoz de Gaviria, the Colombian Ambassador to Egypt, Lenku Mihálikovú, the Slovakian Ambassador in Cairo, Nuala O'Brien, the Irish Ambassador in Egypt, Sani Nana Aïcha Andia, Ambassador of the Republic of Niger, Michele Quaroni – Ambassador of the Republic of Italy, Polly Loannou, Ambassador of Cyprus to Egypt, and Ingrid Amer, Ambassador of Estonia to Egypt.

Mansour, named one of Africa’s most influential leaders for 2019, was given those awards in recognition of her entrepreneurial and sustainable development efforts and her valuable contribution to women’s social and economic empowerment through their work. In addition, through her entrepreneurial business projects in organic farming and waste recycling, she plays a prominent role in developing the organic agricultural sector in Egypt, achieving the highest return possible. Thus, contributing to decreasing the gap between exports and imports in Egypt.

Commenting on the award, Ana Milena Muñoz de Gaviria, the Colombian Ambassador in Egypt, said, “Rawya Mansour has been able to steadily move in her career and her continuous efforts in preserving the environment through her various projects that strengthen the concept of sustainable development. This award is well-deserved, and we wish her all the best in her upcoming ambitious plans”.

On the other hand, Mansour noted, “I am very pleased with the awards from the Colombian Ambassador and the CIB, and I feel more motivated to continue my relentless efforts to enhance the fields of entrepreneurship and sustainable development. I humbly dedicate this award to Egypt for enabling me to execute my projects that align with Egypt’s Vision 2030. I am also delighted that both ceremonies took place in March, which is the women’s month giving ample opportunity to highlight the leading role of women in general and of businesswomen in particular in the development of various fields”. Mansour thanked all the women ambassadors in presence and acknowledged Lauren Lovelace Minister counselor US embassy in Cairo for her support.

It is worth mentioning that Rawya Mansour’s project in regenerative biotechnology saves water, mitigates, and adapts to climate change. She exhibited her own project on the green coal machine "Biochar" during her tour of the Agricultural Research Centre in Ismailia. This was done as part of her expansion plan to promote the sustainable agriculture sector on the African continent. On this tour, She was accompanied by several Ambassadors who visited the farm and acknowledged her great achievements for an Egyptian biotechnology IP brand. They praised her ideas and ensured their valuable contribution to the food security predicament in many African countries especially those that suffer from food scarcity due to recurrent wars and extreme weather conditions