Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Pluto, the leading provider of financial corporate spend management solutions in the UAE, is proud to announce the appointment of Ivan Jesus as Finance Transformation Practice Leader. With a career that includes tenures at IBM and Deloitte, as well as the founding of Finalytics, Ivan brings a wealth of expertise and a visionary perspective to the Pluto team.

"In the past, digital transformation was not common practice in the Middle East. However, in the current climate, we see a craving to digitize operations, and CFOs are laser-focused on achieving the best possible control using real-time visibility rather than weekly reporting infrastructures," says Mohammed Ridwan, Co-Founder and COO of Pluto.

"As we venture into this new branch of financial operations transformation, we have brought Ivan on board because he has a deep understanding of company operations, from procurement to supply chain to vendor payments and beyond. In his role, he will find gaps in operations that can be optimized. He brings a wealth of experience to his role, which will benefit current and future customers alike," added Ridwan.

In his new role at Pluto, Ivan's mission is to redefine the finance landscape by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with time-tested practices. His vision centers on the automation of labor-intensive accounting processes, ushering in an era of unprecedented efficiency. He envisions Pluto as the gold standard in finance transformation software, serving as a catalyst for sustainable growth in businesses of all sizes.

Ivan's recent accomplishments include leading transformative projects, where he crafted comprehensive Finance Process Architectures and spearheaded Procure to Pay implementations. His unique blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise sets him apart as a true innovator in the field of finance transformation.

“I am thrilled to be joining Pluto — the leader in Enterprise Grade spend management in the UAE. Given my Financial Operations Transformation background, what drew me to Pluto was their vision in automating complex, labour-intensive spend management and account payables processes. Together with the Pluto team I am excited to deliver unparalleled efficiency to our Enterprise customers, the likes of Property Finder and others who are leveraging Pluto to automate their financial operations,” says Ivan Jesus, Finance Transformation Practice Leader, Pluto.

With Ivan at the helm of the Finance Transformation Practice at Pluto, the company is poised to lead the way in reshaping the finance industry. His commitment to automation, efficiency, and sustainable growth aligns perfectly with Pluto's mission, making him an invaluable addition to the team.

Pluto looks forward to the future under Ivan's leadership, and this appointment marks an exciting new chapter in the company's journey towards revolutionizing finance.

About Pluto

Pluto; an end-to-end spend management platform.

Pluto was built to help CFOs and finance teams manage their company spend and visibility. Since launch, hundreds of customers have been using Pluto to streamline their spend management, some of which include Petrochem, Orient Travel, UDrive, Cafu, Tamara, Media 24x7, SA Consultants. A few of the solutions Pluto offers include unlimited corporate cards with department and budget-based spend control, full account payable and reimbursement solutions, and multi-departmental, multi-organization, and multi-subsidiary OpEx management, so that large mid to upper-market customers and multi-group holdings companies can better manage their finances.