Ajman, United Arab Emirates: As part of the "UAE Innovates 2024" initiative, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) is thrilled to announce the commencement of the Tourism Innovation Competition for Universities in Ajman. This competition aims to foster and recognize students' imaginative skills while contributing to advancing the emirate's tourism sector by promoting a culture centered around innovation and sustainability.

Aligning with the national drive towards cultivating an innovative culture as a key element for comprehensive development across various domains, this initiative underscores the department's vision and strategic directives as fundamental components in realizing the emirate's principal goals.

The competition encompasses categories such as the best innovative idea and the top research in the Ajman tourism sector, with winners selected based on predefined criteria reflecting excellence and creativity. This announcement is part of the ongoing efforts of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development to fortify its standing as a developed and sustainable tourist destination. The winners' names will be unveiled in June 2024.

Speaking on this occasion, His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of ADTD, stated, "This initiative underscores our belief that students are integral to creating solutions for future challenges and opportunities. We aim to forge effective partnerships with educational institutions to tap into the resources of young minds and nurture their talents optimally."

Al Hashmi further emphasized, "This step is a continuation of our endeavors to foster a culture of innovation and sustainability in the Ajman tourism sector. We view the active participation of youth as fundamental to realizing our vision of developing the emirate into a sustainable and pioneering tourist destination in the region. Collaborating with students, we aspire to make strides in progress and innovation, contributing to the construction of a promising and sustainable tourism future."

The competition is part of the broader "UAE Innovates 2024" activities, with the department actively organizing pioneering projects and initiatives. These endeavors include an innovation platform at Marsa Ajman, featuring an advanced electronic system for auditing and monitoring institutional performance. Additionally, modern technology and artificial intelligence are employed to showcase tourism promotional stories.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development hosted a workshop for People of Determination titled "Let's Recycle It." In collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development, students transformed used papers into accessories. The department also organized a creative art of carpet workshop in partnership with Bahraini artist Hamad Hardan, a creative stone-making workshop, and an educational session on innovative stone drawing at the Masfout Museum.

Highlighting Ajman's heritage, Rashid Al Khader House, which opened last year, played host to an artistic workshop during the UAE Innovates 2024 event. The workshop focused on crafting medals with besht threads, enhancing the location's status as a prominent cultural destination. Rashid Al Khader, renowned for his skills in Nabati poetry and bisht embroidery, has preserved traditional crafts, contributing significantly to the preservation of the emirate's rich cultural heritage.

These initiatives underscore the Ajman Department of Tourism Development's commitment to creating a sustainable and appealing environment, reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking and innovative tourism destination in the region.

About the Ajman Department of Tourism Development

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development aims to promote the touristic attractions across the emirate, and shedding light on the unique elements that Ajman has to offer as one of the leading travel destinations in the UAE.

The department works on developing strategies to improve local, regional, and international tourism in the emirate through planning and implementing global campaigns for tourism promotion, organizing and participating in conferences and exhibitions, regulating and developing the tourism industry, and improving the capacities and services of the tourism facilities and businesses operating in the emirate.

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development is responsible for setting regulations and legislations required to organize the tourism sector in the emirate, finding the appropriate tourism standards and services provided to tourists, and issuing licenses for travel and tourism agencies and administering their efficiency.

For more information, please visit https://ajman.travel/ar-ajmantourism/