Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This first-ever ‘Light Test Campaign’ in the Middle East will run in the UAE from the 3rd of December to the 17th of December 2017, organized by Osram with the support of RTA and RoadSafetyUAE. Aimed at raising awareness about the dangers posed on our roads by defunct lighting in cars, UAE motorists can get a free check-up on their vehicle lighting at selected service stations. The 16x exact locations across the UAE can be found on

International studies confirm that three times as many road traffic accidents occur during the hours of darkness than during the day. Neglected high beam, low beam, brake lights, tail lights and fog lights more likely to lead to accidents. To raise awareness of this heightened risk Osram will be campaigning for greater road safety. “As the leading manufacturer in the automotive lighting sector, we consider it our duty to tell drivers about the best possible car lighting and minimize the risk of accidents on the roads. We therefore support a large number of campaigns worldwide designed to educate drivers about the importance of proper lighting as well as proper usage of it. This year, I am happy to announce the very first Light Test campaign in UAE with support of RoadSafetyUAE, RTA, Michelin and Central Motors&Equipments.”, said Miroslav Cincura from Osram.

See and be seen

Since most of the streets in the UAE are very well lit, one can forget to switch on the lights. Any time when the car lights are switched on it is a clear signal to other drivers that this car is moving or ready to move, means the illumination of the road is no longer the main purpose in this case. “The car’s ability to protect other vehicles and pedestrians is called passive safety. Despite its classification as “passive safety” it is equally important as “active safety” when it comes to road safety. Also, signalling should be a habit, the purpose of turn signals is to let other drivers and pedestrians know what a driver is going to do. If you don’t see any other cars or pedestrians, it might be because they’re not there, but it might be that you don’t see them (i.e. blind spot) and your turn signal needs to alert them to prevent an accident” said Miroslav Cincura. 

Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE states: "A core fundamental of road safety is 'See and be seen'. Osram is an expert in this field and we are proud to collaborate with Osram in the Light Test Campaign. We experience vehicles with defunct lighting pretty much every day on UAE's roads, as well as motorists who are forgetful in turning on their lights when the light conditions deteriorate. Awareness for this fundamental element of road safety must be raised and Osram is setting an excellent example."

TYREPLUS, one of the first and biggest car care networks in the Gulf region with more than 100 retail outlets certified by Michelin, joins the OSRAM Light Test Campaign by also offering free tyre safety check-ups during campaign period: “Safety is our primary concern. We care about our customers’ and their families’ safety and we work for their peace of mind. We are very happy to take part in this awareness campaign in cooperation with OSRAM.”, said Daoud Helmi, Commercial Director Gulf Countries for Michelin.

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