Doha: –The Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING), a leading global network of independent insurance brokerage providers, held its exclusive three-day Spring Conference from March 4 to March 7, 2024, in Doha. The invite-only event brought together international, regional, and local insurance players and experts, spotlighting the role of cross-border collaboration in navigating the complexities of the global insurance landscape.

Founded in 1990, WING’s robust member and provider network today spans more than 55 markets across continents. The Group’s choice of Doha for its yearly Spring Conference underscores Qatar’s growing prominence as a global business and insurance hub, powered by world-class infrastructure and connectivity.

 “Beyond networking, this conference is a strategic platform for industry leaders and innovators to exchange insight and unlock collaborative opportunities in today’s interconnected and complex insurance landscape,” comments Tommaso Bazzi, Chair of WING, on the role and significance of the event. “We would like to thank Chedid Insurance Brokers Network, one of the MENA’s leading insurance brokerage networks, and in particular Chedid Insurance Brokers Qatar, which is a long-time WING member, for helping us host and organize this event. Our enduring partnership with Chedid Insurance Brokers Qatar attests to the power of strategic alliances in crossing barriers and borders for our industry, in an ever-changing global economic and regulatory landscape,” he adds.

Farid Chedid, Chairman at Chedid Insurance Brokers Networks, says: “We are proud to be hosting WING and distinguished guests from across the globe in Qatar. Together, we are charting pathways and setting new benchmarks for the future of global insurance. Beyond celebrating the power of partnership, this event is a testament to Doha’s emergence as a global financial hub, policy making force, and destination for forward-looking businesses and entrepreneurs. While we have made this market our home, it has become our springboard to forge alliances with leading players across the globe, in and beyond the insurance sector.”

During the conference, WING unveiled its future plans, while attendees exchanged knowledge and insight on critical issues impacting the global insurance sector. Among other topics, keynote discussions addressed industry challenges and opportunities in the current economic and geopolitical climate, Qatar's strategic position and role in the global economy, and the digital revolution reshaping the insurance sector.