• Abdullah Al-Shammasi: We are targeting partnerships between major Egyptian developers and Saudi realestate investors to expand within the KSA, and we expect to sign 15 memoranda of understanding (MOU's) for joint ventures during the exhibition.
  • Alaa Ali: Over 200 distinguished projects will be presented during the exhibition, and realestate in Egypt achieves the highest investment returns.
  • Sherif El-Gazzar: We aim to attract 4,000 clients to the exhibition, including Egyptians working in Saudi Arabia or Saudi citizens, in order to achieve contractual sales amounting to 2 billion Egyptian pounds.

A strategic Egyptian-Saudi alliance announced the launch of the Egyptian-Saudi company "TOWNHALL," formed by the founders of "Target Misr," "Excs Saudi Arabia," and "The Lead State," to organize the largest realestate exhibition in Riyadh at the Holiday Inn hotel.

 The exhibition will take place from May 2nd to May 5th, with the participation of several major Egyptian real estate development companies.

The exhibition aims to present over 200 distinguished real estate projects, including residential, commercial, administrative and Summer properties, in various Egyptian cities. The exhibition will showcase projects in major cities such as the New Administrative Capital, New Cairo, October, Sheikh Zayed, the North Coast, Ain Sokhna, and Al-Galala City. The goal is to achieve sales worth 2 billion Egyptian pounds.

The strategic alliance consists of three leading Egyptian and Saudi companies, which ensures the integration to launch one of the largest realestate exhibitions in the Middle East.

 The strategic alliance includes 3 leading Egyptian and Saudi companies, which achieves integration to launch one of the largest realestate exhibitions in the Middle East. The alliance includes Target Misr for project management, which has a long history in organizing realestate exhibitions, Excs Saudi Arabia, which is the largest luxury car show organizer, and The Lead State, a pioneer in digital transformation and e-marketing.

Abdullah Al-Shammasi, CEO of Excs International Exhibition, stated that Egypt is witnessing a massive urban boom, with significant incentives offered to both local and foreign investors. One of the strategic objectives of the exhibition is to showcase Egypt's realestate products and transfer this urban boom beyond Egypt's borders. He emphasized that the presented projects will serve as evidence of the current urban development in Egypt, led by Egyptian hands.

During the conference held by the company to announce the details of the exhibition, it emphasized the importance of integration among alliance members. Each company possesses a competitive advantage, and by combining these advantages in one alliance, the result will be remarkable and successful.

Abdullah Al-Shammasi, the CEO of Excs International Exhibition, stated that Excs has over 35,000 clients, not only in Saudi Arabia but also important clients all over the world. Over the course of 14 editions of its exhibition, the company has succeeded in building an exceptional and distinguished customer base.

Alaa Ali, Chairman of Target Misr for Project Management, explained that there is a strong diversity in Egyptian realestate products and projects, driven by the massive urban development currently taking place in Egypt.

 Additionally, Saudi Arabia's openness to foreign investments and its citizens' desire to invest in Egypt have led to the idea of the strategic alliance to organize the "TOWNHALL" exhibition. He added that the Egyptian realestate market offers the highest return on investment compared to other markets in the region, presenting promising opportunities for Saudi citizens to invest in the Egyptian market. Excs Saudi Arabia has a large customer base with purchasing power and a desire to own properties in Egypt, making these customers real opportunities for exhibitors during the exhibition.

He confirmed that the selection of Egyptian companies participating in the exhibition was based on clear and strong criteria. These companies are owners of distinguished previous projects and have a diverse project portfolio, in addition to their commitment to delivery and execution in their previous projects.

Sherif El-Gazar, Co-founder of "The Lead State," emphasized that digital marketing will be relied upon to reach the largest customer and visitor base for the exhibition. The target is to attract 4,000 clients to the exhibition, including Egyptians working in Saudi Arabia and Saudi clients. It is also aimed to achieve contractual sales worth 2 billion Egyptian pounds during the exhibition period. He stated that the concept of TOWNHALL is based on transparency, gathering in a specific place for dialogue and discussion with transparency and clarity. The exhibition will not be limited to marketing projects only but will include business sessions and specialized workshops, presenting vital discussions on various topics and issues, including realestate technology and artificial intelligence applications.