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The third day of the 7th International Universities Debating Championship (IUDC), an Arabic debating tournament organized by the QatarDebate Center, witnessed high-level competition and rich debates on its third day as participants fought for a spot in the quarterfinals.

Proving their mettle, Qatari teams performed exceptionally well, with two teams, including Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and Georgetown University in Qatar, advancing to the quarterfinals for the native Arabic speakers’ category.

The two from Qatar will be joined by Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Yarmouk University, and Middle East University, all from Jordan; An-Najah National University from Palestine; Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; and the University of Arts and Sciences in Lebanon. The qualifying teams will debate whether revolutionary leaders and their families should run for political office in post-conflict societies.

Debates on the third day covered several central and impactful issues affecting societies in general, particularly the youth in the Arab region and the world. The competition was equally enthusiastic in the non-native Arabic speakers' category, where participants showcased outstanding debating techniques and skills in Arabic while vying for a spot in the semifinals. Advancing teams in this category include the Australian National University from Australia, and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, Boğaziçi University, and Bursa Uludağ University — all from Türkiye.

Applauding the performance of teams representing Qatar and the quarterfinalists, Thaer Farhat, Debate Instructor at QatarDebate Center, said: "The advanced level demonstrated by the participating students from all teams, particularly those representing Qatar, is a source of pride for us. This excellence reflects their dedication, persistence, and ambition to excel. Moreover, these attributes also promote critical thinking, acceptance of others, and the exchange of knowledge among youth locally and globally."

He further added: "This championship has greatly contributed to promoting the Arabic language among Arab youth and encouraging non-Arabic speaking university students to learn, master, and practice it. This is precisely the goal QatarDebate Center aims to achieve through the tournaments and activities we organize in collaboration with our partners."

Four teams representing Qatar participated in the Round of 16 held today, including Qatar University, University of Doha for Science and Technology, Georgetown University in Qatar, and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

Abdullah Basil Hussein, coach for the Georgetown University in Qatar’s debating team, expressed his happiness with his team’s performance and advancement to the quarterfinals. He remarked, "The qualifying rounds were an opportunity to interact with all participating teams, showcasing the expertise of all debating students. Thankfully, we managed to excel in all stages due to our hard work in preparing for the championship to represent Qatar. I hope we continue to win until we achieve the first place, repeating the success of Qatari teams in previous editions."

Other teams that competed in the Round of 16 include three teams representing Jordan: Middle East University, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, and Yarmouk University; Two teams from Malaysia: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and International Islamic University Malaysia; An-Najah National University from Palestine; Australian College of Kuwait; American University in Cairo from Egypt; Misurata University from Libya; Brigham Young University from the United States; University of Arts and Sciences from Lebanon; and Ferhat Abbas University from Algeria.

The 7th International Universities Debating Championship will continue until Wednesday, May 29, culminating in the final round on the same day. Championship winners and top speakers will be recognized in a closing ceremony, bringing five days of intense debate and open dialogue to a close.


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