Dubai, UAE3: D&B Properties, a leading real estate agency based in Dubai, recently concluded its highly anticipated Roadshow in Madrid, Spain, on the 10th and 11th of July.

The event proved to be a resounding success, capturing the attention of Spanish investors and businesses seeking to explore the vibrant real estate landscape of Dubai.

Spanish investors expressed preference for 2- to 3- bedroom apartments & penthouses up to AED 2 million.

Most were interested in relocating their businesses to Dubai & seeking commercial properties.

Attendees were under the impression that Dubai was too expensive a market and out of reach for small ticket investors.

Prospective clients included business owners, doctors, students, professionals in agriculture and F&B, as well as the elderly population.

One of the key highlights of the Roadshow was D&B Properties' ability to dispel the misconception that Dubai is an expensive market. The agency engaged with the attendees, highlighting the affordable investment options available in the city, ultimately debunking the notion that Dubai was out of reach for small ticket investors.

Over the course of the two-day event, a total of 80 individuals participated, representing a diverse range of professions and industries. Among the attendees were business owners, doctors, students professionals in the agriculture and food and beverage sectors, and even the elderly up to their 60s. The wide age range of the audience reflects the broad appeal and relevance of Dubai's real estate market.

Enass Abdelbaset, Senior Director of Off-Plan at D&B Properties, said, "D&B Properties is thrilled to have received such an enthusiastic response from the attendees of our Roadshow in Madrid. We are excited to assist prospective Spanish investors and businesses in exploring the abundant opportunities that Dubai's real estate market has to offer. Our team is well-equipped to guide them through every step of the investment process, ensuring their seamless transition to Dubai."

Impressively, 20% of the participants expressed a keen interest in relocating their businesses to Dubai, recognizing the unparalleled opportunities for expansion and growth in the city. These astute individuals understood that Dubai's reputable developers, such as Emaar, DAMAC, Meeras, and Dubai Properties, offer higher returns on investment, vibrant communities, and a desirable lifestyle.

Notably, the preference among the interested investors was for 2- to 3-bedroom apartments and penthouses, with investments ranging up to 2 million. The attendees also displayed a preference for asset management, indicating a desire for long-term investments rather than short-term holiday homes.

D&B Properties further established its credibility and rapport with the audience by providing comprehensive information on the necessary documentation and regulations involved in establishing businesses in Dubai. The agency catered to the mindset of investors who wished to purchase plots and build their own structures or factories, catering to their preference for customization and control.

The positive response from the attendees was evident, as 10-15 individuals expressed a desire to participate in the D&B Referral Program, signifying their trust in the agency's expertise and commitment to facilitating successful investments.

The success of the D&B Properties Roadshow in Madrid serves as a testament to the growing interest and confidence among Spanish investors and businesses in Dubai's thriving real estate sector. As Dubai continues to solidify its position as a global hub for investment, D&B Properties remains committed to providing unparalleled service and expertise to help investors achieve their goals.

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