Jeddah- Saad Al-Otaibi, member of the board at Jeddah Chamber opened the new edition of the Saudi Real Estate Development and Ownership Exhibition (SEREEDO )2023 on Sunday in Jeddah Center for Forums and Events. The exhibition is being organised by Aalyalshan Company with the participation of more than 60 local and international exhibitors.

The activities of the exhibition will continue until the evening of May 31st.

After the official opening, Al-Otaibi checked the exhibition’s pavilions and platforms of the real estate companies, institutions, and government entities. Al-Otaibi was also briefed by Abdulrahman Alzahrani, the General Manager of Aalyalshan Company, the organizer of the exhibition on the importance of SEREEDO 2023 exhibition, due to the rapid growth, prosperity, and the continuous investors’ demands in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Al-Otaibi was also briefed on the latest technical, engineering, and architectural innovations in the real estate development sector, which are run by companies and institutions operating in real estate investment.

The exhibition, in its current session, is witnessing a wide participation from major local and regional companies specialized in the field of real estate development and financial institutions. Moreover, there is a huge participation from real estate agents and brokers, decoration companies, interior and exterior designers, in addition to engineering services companies, project management companies, and a number of relevant private and government departments and institutions.

Commenting on the opening ceremony, Abdulrahman Alzahrani, the General Manager of Aalyalshan Company, the organizer of the exhibition, explained that their goal is to present an effective real estate exhibition that contributes to the development and advancement of the Saudi real estate market.

He also added that, “This exhibition serves as a hub that brings together the various entities and leaders in the real estate sector, facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge among visitors. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of real estate investment and products, while providing effective marketing solutions to meet the growing demand in the real estate market and maintain a balance between supply and demand.”

Al-Zahrani highlighted that the exhibition has the additional goal of equipping professionals in the real estate industry with knowledge and skills through the panel discussions and specialized training courses that will take place during the event.

Insightful panel discussions and engaging workshops will uncover the latest real estate trends and innovative development strategies in addition to specialized training courses.

The exhibition will also facilitate the exchange of experiences and transfer of best practices in real estate development, as well as the advancement of construction methods, forging partnerships between local and international stakeholders, and showcasing the impact of digital transformation on real estate development.