• Leading Experts and Visionaries Unveil Strategies for Transformative Growth and Collaboration in Research and Development Initiatives

Doha, Qatar: Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Council kicked off the Web Summit Qatar 2024 with a dynamic lineup of sessions featuring industry luminaries and thought leaders from around the globe.

Day one of the Web Summit Qatar 2024 commenced with a riveting lineup of sessions curated by the QRDI Council, featuring esteemed speakers and RDI leaders from diverse sectors. Engaging discussions and insightful presentations spanned crucial topics essential for fostering innovation and research and development initiatives. Attendees were treated to dynamic dialogues covering Lars Gehrmann, Chief Digital Officer of the QIC Group, Ravi Belani, CEO and Founder of Alchemist Accelerator, Mohamed ElHafiz Abubakr ElTahir, Senior Manager at Milaha, Rana Lonnen, Managing Director of CVC Novartis, and more.

These sessions provided invaluable insights into nurturing startups, accessing funding opportunities, and leveraging technology for societal impact. The unveiling of the Droobi Health and Smit.fit merger ignited excitement, while discussions on Qatar's RDI infrastructure underscored the nation's commitment to innovation. The day culminated with a panel emphasizing the importance of supporting education innovation to address global challenges. As anticipation mounts for the remaining days of the summit, the QRDI Council looks forward to further collaboration and knowledge exchange propelling Qatar's innovation landscape forward.

For more information on the QRDI Council’s activities and to plan your visit to Pavilion E201, please visit our dedicated web page: https://websummit.qrdi.org.qa/. Attendees can also explore additional details through the provided QR Code.


About QRDI Council

QRDI Council is a leading government entity in advanced research, global collaboration in innovation, and attracting global talent to Qatar. The Council strives to make Qatar a top destination for global talent and a pioneering research, innovation, and development hub with its motto “locally empowered, globally connected”. Playing a pivotal role within the Qatar National Development Strategy, the QRDI Council is actively shaping the Innovation component of the Economic Diversification goal. The Council’s commitment underlines its unwavering dedication to the Qatar National Vision 2030. QRDI Council aims to make Qatar a global innovation hub and a top choice for R&D centers worldwide, seeing RDI as vital for Qatar's growth and prosperity. To delve deeper into QRDI Council's endeavors and vision:

Website: www.qrdi.org.qa