Cairo : Next September, Cairo will witness the launch of the 9th edition of the “Pharmaconex” exhibition and conference which is considered to be one of the major events in the field of pharmaceuticals The event will be taking place from the 4th to the 6th of September 2022 at the Egyptian International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) in New Cairo and it is organised by “Informa Markets Egypt” the leading company in exhibition planning and organisation around the world.

The 2022 edition will be supported by the Ministry of Military Production, and will witness more than 150 exhibitors from 20 countries around the world and a special pavilion for Indian companies. The event is set to cover the key sectors of pharmaceutical manufacturing including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Biopharmaceuticals, Machinery & processes, Packaging Materials, Cleanrooms, and the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.  Also, it is worth mentioning that “Pharmaconex” is hosted in association with “CPHI”, The biggest international pharma industry event.

Mostafa Khalil, Director of Exhibitions at Informa Egypt, said: “The Pharmaconex exhibition directly serves the pharmaceutical sector by linking major local buyers and manufacturers who specialise in the production of medicine with major local and international suppliers. This provides them with the chance to create new commercial partnerships that strongly contribute to strengthening the pharmaceutical industry and attract more foreign investors to local industries. The exhibition supports Egyptian orientations on two main axes: the first is settling the industry, developing national industries and achieving self-sufficiency, while the second is expanding exports and establishing new markets for Egyptian products.”

Mr. Khalil added: “The pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is undergoing significant development, especially during the recent years following the spread of the coronavirus.” He also explained how a number of Egyptian companies have developed treatment protocols that have contributed in the advancement of Egypt’s vision; where the country plans to be the primary source of medicine in Africa and the Middle East.

The exhibition will host two CPD Certified specialised conferences -CPD is the leading independent accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies- to discuss the latest technologies and challenges aimed at developing the pharmaceutical industry in Africa in-line with the 2063 Agenda goals focusing on the importance of increasing investments in the healthcare sector in order to enhance the efficiency of the medical sector in the African continent.

It is expected that a number of key local and international experts will be presenting during the two conferences, discussing and showcasing the latest developments within the pharmaceutical industry and research rooms. Experts from all over the world will also be discussing a number of topics that serve the entire pharmaceutical industry sharing their extensive experience and vast knowledge with the public.

The Pharmaconex Technical conference will be held in cooperation with “Agon”, one of the region’s leading advisory institutions. The conference will focus on clarifying the new form of the pharmaceutical industry after the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has forced upon the world.

This year’s Pharmaconex exhibition offers a number of advantages and benefits that include a matchmaking program that connects exhibitors and visitors This program targets all of the visitors, where they are given the space to specify their needs and interests and align these needs with qualified exhibitors. In addition, visitors will be allowed to pre-schedule their meetings before the exhibition takes place. A lead retrieval system will also be available and accessible through a mobile application that enables exhibitors to collect leads about potential clients using a single consistent application. They will be able to access information about potential customers by scanning the QR codes on guest badges, recording visitors’ answers to questions, taking notes, and following up on leads obtained from the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s exhibition will provide a showroom for the Technology sector where clean room technology will be on display. It will also include a section for global companies that specialise in designing, building, and maintaining clean rooms, along with a conference that will discuss the technology behind it in collaboration with “Vali.sys gmbh” one of the leading international institutions in this field. This conference will provide information about the contents of clean rooms, regulation mechanisms, validation and monitoring, personal protective equipment, design and construction, and microbiology, all through the eyes of key industry leaders.