Cairo: Paragon Developments, one of Egypt's leading real estate development companies, has announced its participation in the prestigious Nile Expo, the largest Egyptian real estate exhibition conducted beyond national borders, taking place from November 16 to 18 in Jeddah and from November 23 to 25 in Riyadh. Through its participation, the company aims to showcase its project portfolio to clients in the Gulf region.

This is part of Paragon Developments' strategic plan to foster Egypt's real estate exports by participating in prestigious international exhibitions to promote the country's urban development. The company aims to market its project portfolio, which encompasses administrative buildings designed and executed according to the highest sustainability standards. These projects are managed using cutting-edge technological solutions to provide the best service to clients while preserving the environment and rationalizing the use of natural resources. Additionally, Paragon Developments has forged partnerships with major global companies for international expansion.

At the Nile Expo in Saudi Arabia, Paragon Developments is unveiling three projects in the New Administrative Capital. Characterized by avant-garde designs and fostering a salubrious work environment, the company has successfully realized the completion of the first project, attaining advanced milestones in the construction of the second and third.

Paragon Developments' pavilion at the Nile Expo in Jeddah has elicited considerable interest from visitors, drawn to the diverse array of unit dimensions tailored to meet the multifaceted preferences of a discerning clientele. Special incentives for the Paragon 2 project, featuring a 25% discount sans initial payment and judicious installment plans spanning five years, underscore the company's commitment to facilitating real estate investment with attractive returns.

"In light of Paragon Developments' vision, it is pivotal to emphasize our strategic pursuit to elevate annual sales, reaching clientele beyond Egypt through our participation in the Nile Expo in Saudi Arabia," Said, Eng. Bedir Rizk, CEO of Paragon Developments.  He added, "Our proficiency in materializing intelligent and environmentally sustainable real estate ventures is a cornerstone of our commitment. Notably, our robust sales performance, with Egyptians abroad and Gulf-based customers accounting for an impressive 82% of total sales as of 2022, positions Paragon Developments as a pivotal contributor to Egypt's flourishing real estate export landscape."

Furthermore, Rizk underscores the profound impact of Paragon Developments' commitment to environmental sustainability in attracting a diverse clientele. The appeal lies in investments that curtail water and electricity consumption, consequently reducing operational costs for administrative spaces. Moreover, these initiatives foster a secure and health-conscious work environment, ultimately enhancing workforce productivity. The company's success paves the way for replicating this model in promising regional markets such as Saudi Arabia, where analogous projects are poised for realization.

Paragon Developments has previously signed an agreement with Adeer International, a subsidiary of Sumou Holding Group in Saudi Arabia, to form an alliance for marketing Paragon Developments’ projects and expanding further internationally in the near future.