• In collaboration with Syrve, the MENA Restaurant Community united F&B industry experts to promote the innovations of the restaurant scene in the Middle East. During the event, seasoned speakers shed light on how AI is elevating restaurant operations, the evolution of franchises and restaurant management, healthy food concepts, and sustainable development in the MENA region.

Dubai, UAE – MENA Restaurant Community, powered by Syrve MENA, convened industry leaders and experts for a stimulating discussion on "Cooking Up Success: A Journey Through Restaurant Realities." This event shed light on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence within the region's dynamic food and beverage sector.

Seasoned speakers delved into the evolving landscape of AI-powered restaurant management solutions in the MENA region. Renowned speaker Roman Avramov, CEO of Syrve Group, captivated the audience by exploring how AI can unlock a treasure trove of restaurant benefits. His insights included cost savings, enhanced profitability, elevated customer experiences, and data-driven decision-making fueled by local consumer behavior patterns. “The restaurant community event was a vibrant gathering, ideal for networking with industry pros and discussing industry tech innovations. In my opinion, by embracing AI technologies, restaurant owners and managers of the MENA community can stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry and drive business growth,” commented Roman Avramov.

Complementing Mr. Avramov's presentation, Abdelkarim Shahin, Director of Operations at Masha and the Bear restaurant, shared his invaluable expertise on restaurant franchise development. He offered practical guidance on navigating the complexities of restaurant expansion, optimizing operational efficiency, tackling strategic challenges, and crafting winning growth strategies. “MENA Restaurant Community's dedication to the restaurant industry is commendable, and I eagerly anticipate future events to further our collaboration and growth,” concluded Shanin.

Furthermore, Alexandra Dorf, co-founder of Greeno, provided insights into UAE eating habits and health challenges. She revealed that the UAE holds the unfortunate distinction of ranking #1 in global sugar consumption, leading to concerns about unhealthy diets, high-calorie food choices, and a lack of physical activity.  Based on these problems, Dorf started Greeno – a company devoted to healthy food that boosts nutritious consumption among UAE residents, pioneering a challenging niche of nutrition and promoting public health.

"In reflecting on this event, we were deeply impressed by the level of expertise and engagement demonstrated by our participants. Their willingness to delve into complex topics and confront the challenges restaurateurs encounter on their journey to success was truly inspiring," said Filipp Klestov, Syrve HQ.

About MENA Restaurant Community

Founded in 2020, the MENA Restaurant Community fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry-specific discussions. They aim to elevate the region's thriving restaurant scene by uniting leaders and driving positive change.

About Syrve MENA

Syrve MENA is a leader in all-in-one POS and Restaurant Management Software solutions in the Middle East. With its headquarters in Dubai and a presence in 54 countries, Syrve has been revolutionizing the food service market for over four years. Serving over 1200 customers worldwide, including renowned restaurant chains and small businesses, Syrve is committed to automating bars, restaurants, and hospitality businesses.