Najla Al-Eisa: Our support for the ‘Aid Palestine’ campaign is part of a series of charitable initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan

As part of its various initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan, Gulf Bank announced its support for the charitable campaign organized by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society under the slogan "Aid Palestine", in response to the efforts of the state and civil society institutions aiming to alleviate the suffering of people affected by the war in Gaza.

This announcement was made during a visit by a team from Gulf Bank to the headquarters of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society. The team comprised Ms. Salma Al-Hajjaj, Gulf Bank’s General Manager of Human Resources; Mr. Mohammed Al-Qattan, Gulf Bank’s General Manager of Consumer Banking; and Ms. Najla Al-Eisa, Gulf Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer. They were warmly received by the Director General of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Aoun.

During this occasion, Ms. Najla Al-Eisa, Gulf Bank’s Deputy General Manager - Chief Marketing Officer expressed: "At Gulf Bank, we are committed to lending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Gaza during these difficult times. Through our partnership with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, which serves as a representative of Kuwait and its people in global humanitarian concerns, we aim to make a meaningful difference."

She emphasized that Gulf Bank continues its strong commitment to sustainability programs, at societal, economic, and environmental levels, through numerous carefully selected initiatives that benefit both the bank and the community; aligning with its 2025 strategy, and in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Kuwait Vision 2035.

Al-Eisa highlighted Gulf Bank’s dedication as a financial institution to support impactful civil society organizations like the Kuwait Red Crescent, acknowledging their significant social and humanitarian contributions. The bank firmly believes in the pivotal role of the private sector in aiding civil society organizations' endeavors across all humanitarian fronts.

She further stated that the contribution to support the Kuwait Red Crescent Society's campaign is part of a series of charitable initiatives launched by Gulf Bank during the holy month of Ramadan, including the distribution of food baskets “Machlat Ramadan”,"Nuqsat Al-Khaleej", and others.

Gulf Bank's vision is to be the leading Kuwaiti Bank of the Future. The Bank is constantly engaging and empowering its employees as part of an inclusive and diversified workplace in recognition of every employee’s role in delivering customer excellence and serving the community at large. With its extensive network of branches and innovative digital services, Gulf Bank is able to give its customers the choice of how and where to conduct their banking transactions, all while ensuring a simple and seamless banking experience.

Gulf Bank is committed to maintaining robust developments in sustainability at environmental, social and governance levels through diverse sustainability initiatives, strategically selected to benefit the Bank both internally and externally. Gulf Bank supports Kuwait Vision 2035 “New Kuwait” and works with various parties to achieve it.