Abu Dhabi: A delegation from the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) participated in the 6th GCC International Communications Team meeting which took place in Bahrain – Manama, in the presence of Dr. Maysa Ghadeer, Director of the Government Communications Office and Saeed Alshaqsi, Marketing and Events Section Manager at the GPSSA.

Dr. Ghadeer explained that GPSSA’s participation in the meeting aims to raise the overall level of cooperation between international communication work teams in the pension and insurance sector across the GCC region, thereby creating opportunities to support these systems to face challenges related to the nature of their work. In addition to monitoring best practices and participation at an international level, the meeting will support the exchange of data and information between authorities, while unifying efforts exerted by communication teams in increasing awareness on the insurance protection extension system, alongside new decisions undertaken by the technical committees for civil retirement bodies in the GCC region.

During the meeting, a set of reports will shed light on demographic data as well as economic and insurance indicators for citizens in the GCC countries. Discussing details in the report are aligned with the recommendations suggested during the 21st meeting of the heads of civil retirement and social security agencies in the GCC countries, which was hosted by the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. The report offers an analysis on a set of indicators and statistical data collected, thereby identifying current challenges facing the GCC’s pension systems.

Additionally, the report sheds light on three major challenges that may affect the pension system’s progress, namely: the overall environment by which pension systems operate in the GCC region may at times hinder futuristic directives and operations; social and economic dimensions that different pension systems in the GCC region are currently facing may result in workflow challenges; and finally the need to focus on a reform management strategy after evaluating a few demographic and financial indicators that pinpoint challenges in the overall performance of the pension system. 

Participants will review and analyze results in the report and discuss the types of challenges faced by the different pension systems in the GCC region, which requires further research and the development of a dedicated and unified long-term strategic plan, one that addresses short and long-term risks in the pension system.

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