Dubai, UAE – The Forensic & Restructuring Summit 2023 will bring together global experts in Dubai on June 6th to address the increasing complexities of cross-border investigations and restructurings in today's interconnected world. The summit seeks to offer strategies for navigating the intricate legal and financial frameworks that span multiple jurisdictions, languages, and cultures.

Influenced by recent trends such as enhanced regulatory scrutiny, digitalisation, and geopolitical changes, the landscape of cross-border investigations and restructurings has become more challenging. High-profile scandals, including those of 1MDB and Abraaj Group, have driven a demand for more stringent and complex investigations, underscoring the importance of understanding and managing such processes for companies.

“These investigations and restructuring procedures can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult, with possible consequences for the company's reputation, financial stability, and legal liability. As a result, it is critical for companies and investigators to grasp the complexities involved and to have a solid plan in place for efficiently managing these investigations” said Bhavin Shah, Managing Partner MEA, Forensic Risk Alliance

The event will discuss key challenges such as legal and regulatory compliance, data privacy and security, language barriers, cultural differences, technological issues, and geopolitical complications. It will highlight specific cases, such as the legal repercussions of dishonoured cheques in Dubai versus the UK and US, and the legal battle between the US government and Microsoft over data access.

Moreover, the summit will examine the effect of language and cultural variances on cross-border investigations, referencing instances like the 1MDB and Toshiba scandals. The rising importance of technology in managing these investigations, and geopolitical factors, will also be key topics.

The event will provide strategies and best practices, focusing on pre-investigation considerations, the importance of diverse team composition, risk assessment, and the creation of effective investigation plans. The summit will underscore the necessity of establishing clear protocols for cross-border information sharing, adherence to data privacy regulations, comprehension of local legal systems, and the engagement of local experts and translators to bridge cultural and linguistic divides.

“The Forensic & Restructuring Summit [FoRe Summit] is a global dialogue, The Wealth Today is curating to initiate a conversation and promises to be a critical resource for companies grappling with the complexities of cross-border restructuring and investigations” – Hiteshwar Bhakhri, Executive Director Strategy, The Wealth Today.

Join the discussion in Dubai for the most recent insights and best practices in managing these multifaceted procedures.

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