• Presenting projects with virtual reality technology to clients from 10 countries on 3 continents
  • 60 development companies participate in the exhibition and plans to export 20,000 housing units

State Waves announced the launch of its first exhibition in the Egyptian real estate market, using metaverse technology, with the participation of more than 60 companies and more than 80 projects, according to the conference held by the company today.

Hossam Al-Masry, co-founder and CEO of State Waves Egypt, said that the exhibition will be held through the latest technical means to attract customers and showcase projects, as the company places the real estate export file on top of its priorities, by changing the current strategies that rely on travel to participate in foreign exhibitions.

He added that the company invested approximately 525 million pounds in building projects by default, so that the customer can see the unit more accurately and navigate inside it, in addition to providing the feature of communicating with the marketing officer to explain the exact details.

He added that the company will work to set up exhibitions on the land of Egypt and open the door to the participation and visit of customers from several countries, without the need to travel, using the pioneering technology invented by Statewaves Egypt through the platform. Estatewaves.com.

Al-Masry pointed out that the first edition of the "Estate Waves Expo" will be held in Egypt, with the participation of the largest real estate developers, and a group of emerging companies in the field of real estate marketing through everyone's use of innovative technologies for the platform.

The exhibition will include an innovative display for all exhibitors using technology, and foreign clients from 10 countries on 3 continents will visit the exhibition by default, through the Hyprid model that combines the presence of Egyptian visitors, foreign and Arab visitors remotely (online).

For his part, Engineer Ahmed Salah, co-founder and CEO of State Waves Egypt, said that the countries that will participate in the exhibition are Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Kenya and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, according to studies conducted by the company, which revealed the presence of the desire of those customers.  Countries in getting to know Egyptian real estate.

He stressed that the main objective of the company is the internal marketing of the Egyptian real estate and its export abroad, with a real estate portfolio of up to 20,000 housing units as a first phase, with a total value exceeding 70 billion pounds, within more than 80 real estate development projects by more than 60 developers, within all  Developer categories.

"Estate Waves", for the first time in Egypt, offers technological solutions for the sale and export of real estate, by providing (virtual reality and 3D imaging) technology, which in turn contributes to paving the way for entering the world of (metaverse), through the http://estatewaes platform.  com launched by the company recently

During the conference, the company presented a model for the mechanism of displaying the projects that will be dealt with during the exhibition days, through virtual reality glasses, as these glasses allow the customer to roam inside the unit and imagine the housing unit in a fun and realistic way, which in turn helps the customer to make a better decision to buy his housing unit.