Bridgestone, a global leader in tires and sustainable mobility solutions, recently hosted the STS Group CSR IFTAR event, under its ‘Eyes on Road’ campaign, during the holy month of Ramadan, showcasing its commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. The event served as a platform to reinforce relationships, express appreciation for dedication, promote road safety awareness, and educate, aligning with Bridgestone’s core values.

The 'Eyes on Road' campaign aligns seamlessly with Bridgestone's E8 commitment by prioritizing emotion and empowerment for truck and bus drivers, ensuring their safety and ease of operation, and promoting efficiency and economy. It fosters closer relationships within the community while enhancing productivity and safety. The annual campaign aims to raise health and safety awareness among fleet drivers due to their long working hours. It provides free health exams and opportunities for drivers to take breaks, engage in activities, and celebrate together as a community. In light of this initiative, the STS Group CSR IFTAR was organized to allow school transportation drivers to come together as a community and gain insights into health and safety, fostering a sense of unity.

The company highlighted the positive outcomes of its ‘Eyes on Road’ campaign during the event, which commenced with a traditional Iftar gathering, convening key team members from Bridgestone and drivers from STS Group, a leading school transportation service provider. Participants joined together to break their fast, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie while strengthening connections. This communal meal not only showcased Bridgestone’s dedication to community engagement but also enabled sharing of stories and experiences, further reinforcing bonds of friendship and collaboration among participants.

Jacques Fourie, President of Bridgestone Middle East and Africa said: “We are honoured to convene this Iftar gathering as it serves as an ideal platform to celebrate the commitment of these school bus drivers while fostering road safety and community bonds. At Bridgestone, our dedication to community welfare and road safety remains steadfast, aligning with our core values and E8 commitment. Through initiatives like these, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.”

Steve Burnell, Managing Director of STS Group, said: “As a trusted GCC transport provider, we are dedicated to delivering a Safe, Timely, Smart passenger experience while championing health and safety standards in the communities we serve. Our commitment to employee well-being and road safety management aligns with Bridgestone values. The STS Group CSR IFTAR event hosted by Bridgestone served as an ideal platform for promoting community while highlighting the critical importance of road safety. Together with Bridgestone, we are committed to making a positive impact on our community."

The Iftar gathering transitioned to an engaging cricket game, during which participants enjoyed a friendly competition while promoting road safety awareness. Bridgestone and STS Group leveraged this interactive activity to highlight the importance of safe driving practices and tyre care to ensure road safety. Participants got the opportunity to gain insights on optimal tyre maintenance and its pivotal role in vehicle performance and safety, aligning seamlessly with Bridgestone’s mission to educate and empower drivers.

Additionally, the event offered a platform to honour the dedication and hard work of school bus drivers, who have the critical responsibility of ensuring safety of students during their daily commute. Bridgestone expressed its sincere gratitude to the drivers for their commitment to excellence and their key role in promoting safe transportation practices.

The event concluded on a positive note, reaffirming Bridgestone’s constant dedication to corporate social responsibility and active community engagement. Initiatives such as the ‘Eyes on the Road’ campaign emphasise Bridgestone’s significant contributions to society, resonating with its core values of integrity, respect and excellence.

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