Cairo: - Zoomcar, the largest car-sharing marketplace covering emerging markets, revealed plans to add more cars to its fleet, thus achieving growth in the peer-to-peer car-sharing sector in Egypt. This expansion will help individuals diversify their income sources to improve living standards, amid continued economic pressures.

“Zoomcar encourages private car owners to host their vehicles on its platform, with the aim to achieve mutual benefit for both sides. As our car fleet expands, there will always be an opportunity for car hosts to supplement their income,” Hany Olama, Vice President & Country Head, said, noting that more than 1,000 additional cars were registered in 2022.

“Among the privileges allocated for car hosts is their ability to determine the rental value, given that the minimum rental period starts from 6 hours. A welcome bonus is also offered to new car hosts upon signing the contract and listing their cars on the application. Additionally, further incentives are disbursed for referring new hosts, car cleanliness, and fuel filling,” he added.

Furthermore, Olama stressed that Zoomcar will refund the actual market value of the car, in case of any damages, which highlights its full commitment to its customers. He expressed that the company plans on cooperating with car rental companies, as an upcoming step to further expand Zoomcar’s fleet. Special prices will be given for multicar hosts, which apply to both individuals and companies as well.

Zoomcar first launched in Egypt with a total investment of US$25 million in 2021. Over the past year and half, the company recorded more than 25,000 bookings and is expected to expand geographically to reach Alexandria by the upcoming year.

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About Zoomcar

Zoomcar launched India’s first personal mobility platform in 2013, and today it is the market leader in the car-sharing ecosystem with over 10,000 cars on its platform with a presence across five countries.  Being one of the largest car-sharing marketplaces covering emerging markets, Zoomcar launched its service in Egypt, specifically in Cairo, by mid-October 2021. With the help of around 300 employees, its customers have reached over 3,500 users, enabling them to rent cars by hour, day, week, or month. In 2020, the company launched Zoomcar Mobility Services, the Company’s enterprise SaaS-based mobility solutions offering covering white-labelled subscription services and IoT-based driver behavior monitoring solutions.