Manama: The Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Award has published the twenty-third issue of Kanoo Cultural Magazine, which includes a selection of research papers and cultural articles. In its new issue, the magazine contains contributions from distinguished academics with a proven track record in scientific research.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Award, Khalid Mohamed Kanoo, said the award continues to publish the magazine, due to the wide interest it receives from readers because of the serious and valuable topics it discusses. He added that the Kanoo Cultural Magazine succeeded in attracting an elite group of academic writers as well as several creative writers who provide it regularly with their latest research papers and articles about many interesting topics.

The twenty-third issue of Kanoo Cultural Magazine contains articles signed by the Anthropologist, Dr. Abdullah Yateem, the professor of Applied Physics at the College of Graduate Studies at the Arabian Gulf University, Dr. Waheeb Al-Nasser, and the Historian, Dr. Mansour Sarhan. The Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Award is keen to deliver the magazine, printed on fine paper, to hundreds of public figures in Bahrain and abroad. It also publishes an electronic copy on its website.

It is worth noting that the Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Award, which was established twenty-five years ago, publishes the Kanoo Cultural Magazine twice a year, and its publication is supervised by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the General Secretariat of the Award.

About YBA Kanoo Award

The Board of Directors of the Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Group of Companies issued a decision to establish the Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Award and allocate an amount of six million US dollars as an endowment for it. The Board of Directors determined three valuable financial prizes, in addition to other prizes distributed to the winners through scientific and artistic competitions governed by arbitrators specialized in various fields, to constitute an incentive for creativity and achievement. The approval of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Information of the Kingdom of Bahrain to establish the award was issued by Resolution No. (4) of 1998.