• As beauty products take the lead in Dubai's non-grocery express delivery sales, the partnership of YallaHub with Rada Russkikh is set to cater to the demand for online beauty shopping, with customers valuing quick delivery, natural products and innovative sustainable solutions.

The partnership between YallaHub and Rada Russkikh marks Yalla’s goal to transform the MENA e-commerce market in the skincare and wellness segment by helping local brands find their audience. According to the latest data, the beauty market in the Middle East reached $11.6 billion in 2022 and continues to grow rapidly. With the help of YallaHub and due to the high demand for natural and eco-friendly cosmetics in the UAE, the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) of the Rada Russkikh brand reached 447%.

YallaHub unveils that the beauty category leads Dubai’s express delivery sales in the non-grocery segment. This proves the data that the MENA beauty and personal care market is projected to reach $1.14 billion in revenues by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% over the next five years, according to Statista. E-commerce sales channels already contribute 27.5% of the sector's revenue, demonstrating the accelerating demand for online beauty shopping.

The most popular beauty brands among Dubai customers, according to YallaHub’s data, are Rada Russkikh, Romanovamakeup, Just Care, Pusy, Laruzel, and m.21. These are independent brands for the UAE market, and their popularity allows new personal brands to enter the UAE market.

YallaHub analytics explains the trend for online beauty shopping through customers' desire to delegate chores and focus on more important things like work, family, or friends. A majority of customers expecting two- to three-day delivery as the baseline and 30% expecting same-day delivery, according to McKinsey research. As the MENA market experiences increasing demand for beauty and natural cosmetics, YallaHub's infrastructure and logistics empower brands such as Rada Russkikh to expand their reach and meet customer expectations.

Rada Russkikh brand, known for its unique skincare method, offers a comprehensive range of natural products. Sulfates, silicones and mineral oils are not used in Rada’s cosmetics, which makes the brand truly natural. By infusing all organic ingredients and advanced technologies, products restore the skin's natural balance and help with various skin conditions, including dryness, hypersensitivity, pigmentation, and more. All packaging is made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Moreover, the company cares about minimizing waste in production, and therefore cooperates with recycling companies.

“Our vision is to create the first e-commerce platform in the GCC market that will help thousands of brands scale up in the region and offer quick delivery. Therefore, we’re excited to announce our partnership with sustainable and natural cosmetics brand Rada Russkikh. It means UAE residents will have access to more unique high-end brands from all over the world”, said Leonid Dovbenko, Founder and CEO of YallaHub.

"With YallaHub's support, we can now offer our skincare solutions to our arabian audience. After just half a year of partnership and entering the MENA market, our sales have grown 4 times. It allows us to change the game and show other small and local brands that it is possible to conquer new markets quickly and with a small amount of investments" said Rada Russkikh, Founder and CEO of the beauty brand.


About Yalla!Hub

YallaHub is a quick-commerce as a service (QAAS) platform. That helps brands easily cross borders and reduce time to market entry. Provides brands with technologies and infrastructure to scale within the GCC region: imports, warehouses, storage, fulfillment, logistics, payment gateways, customer service teams, access to third-party aggregators and marketplaces, marketing tools, and own last-mile delivery. Founded in 2021 by Leonid Dovbenko and has already raised more than $14 million in total funding to date, now expanding in the GCC region.

About Rada Russkikh

Rada Russkikh is a natural cosmetics brand based in Dubai. The cosmetics created by Rada consist of 100% high-quality organic ingredients without sulfates and silicones. Rada Russkikh provides optimal daily skincare products, preserving skin natural youth and beauty.