UNO Capital, a government-registered firm based in Dubai, recently unveiled an in-depth examination of the dynamic Turkish Real Estate Market and its interplay with the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program. With a track record of successfully facilitating investments of over 110 million AED in the preceding 18 months, UNO Capital has a reputation as a trusted ally for investors seeking financial growth and international mobility prospects.

The Turkish Real Estate Market has undergone a significant transformation, showcasing an impressive trajectory that surpasses global benchmarks. According to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, a comprehensive analysis of real estate trends spanning 54 global markets, Turkey took the lead in the most recent quarter, registering a staggering growth of 132.8%. The market's resilience is underscored by a 22% quarterly rise in house prices during Q1 of this year, pointing toward a promising landscape for those considering buying a home in Turkey, including participants in the Citizenship by Investment program, where a minimum of a $400,000 Turkish real estate investment is required. The Turkish real estate sector presents itself as an attractive investment avenue, promising substantial returns. On average, a $400,000 Turkish real estate investment last year would be valued at roughly $528,000 today.

Central to the Citizenship by Investment program's allure is the robust Turkish passport, affording holders visa-free access to more than 110 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Beyond facilitating seamless business and leisure travel, the Turkish passport is fortified by Turkey's membership in prestigious global organizations like the UN, NATO, and the G20. With a decade-long validity and a streamlined renewal process, the Turkish passport is a powerful tool for cross-border endeavors. Its versatility extends to education and career prospects in partnering nations, enhancing its value for entrepreneurs and academics seeking international exposure.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program stipulates a minimum real estate ownership duration of approximately three years. However, UNO Capital provides a Real Estate Buy Back program, where many can sell back their properties after obtaining Turkish citizenship. This provides investors with additional financial flexibility and security, including exit strategies if required.

UNO Capital underscores the inclusiveness of the Citizenship by Investment initiative, which allows for the inclusion of spouses and children under 18 as eligible dependents. This inheritance of citizenship is a testament to Turkey's commitment to securing a legacy for future generations and the positive attitude toward family values held by the state. Turkey also allows dual citizenship, reinforcing the program's attractiveness and enabling individuals to uphold their original nationality while embracing the new.

The Director of UNO Capital, Sebastian Michael expressed his enthusiasm for the relationship between Turkish real estate and investment potential, "Our commitment to fostering sustainable investments and enabling global mobility positions us as the gateway for investors keen on exploring Turkey's real estate prospects. Through our expertise and the robust Turkish Citizenship by Investment program, we forge financial growth paths and build secure futures for our clients and their families."

A second passport has evolved into a strategic necessity in a swiftly evolving global context. UNO Capital's adept services cater precisely to this need, assuring financial adaptability and a secure future enriched by visa-free travel opportunities. Bolstered by a proven record of successfully facilitating citizenship by investment applications, UNO Capital stands as a reliable partner, saving clients valuable time, energy, and resources.

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