Dubai, UAE: Mr. Ayoub Mohammed, Operations Manager, Union Coop confirmed that the Cooperative offers tens of thousands of food and non-food products in its various branches spread across the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to the special sections that all branches of the cooperative contain, such as fisheries, butchery, cheese section, snacks, roaster and bakery, stressing that the cooperative was and is still a distinct choice for consumers to shop for food and basic products, due to its competitive prices and people's confidence in the quality and safety of the goods and products it offers.

He continued: that the cooperative is constantly striving to achieve one of its most important strategic objectives, which is ‘rapid expansion’, to provide modern commercial centers with international specifications that allow shoppers a unique shopping experience, as it works continuously and strategically to provide the largest possible stock of food and non-food commodities and products, pointing out that the cooperative deals with many countries in different parts of the world to provide goods and products on an ongoing basis and relies on its plans to provide the same product from different countries to meet consumer demands and ensure the availability of products under all circumstances.

He pointed out that Union Coop provides modern devices to scan and read prices on products before they are purchased by consumers in all of its 24 branches in Dubai and 5 commercial centers, to provide an exceptional shopping experience for consumers and to provide all modern systems that prevent pricing errors, as it is considered the priority for the shopper in any store or outlet.

And he indicated that the cooperative, through its staff located in the showrooms and consumer happiness centers in all its branches, responds to consumers’ inquiries if they request information on the whereabouts of products such as organic, local, fresh products and other high-quality goods that the cooperative provides continuously and daily, thereby making it easier for shoppers to buy what suits them, pointing to the expertise and competencies of the showroom team in dealing with shoppers, whether employees at the "billing counters" and accountants or employees present in the hall to help shoppers or employees of consumer happiness.

He stressed that the cooperative, through its professional team has monitored the behavior of shoppers, as the majority of consumers are now following sound patterns in shopping, as they are checking the source of the goods and the date of production and expiration actively, and they follow the instructions for using the product as shown on the label, pointing out the cooperative operates within international standards of public health and safety in this regard, as it holds training courses related to methods of preserving foods and maintaining their safety for its employees, and workshops to introduce the latest international practices concerning sterilization, food safety and public health.

He continued that the cooperative is keen to serve all segments of society, includes them with all its services and targets all societal groups, as it provides many types of products that fall within the budgets of all consumers' living standards and bridges their cultural and societal differences, and it is constantly keen to provide competitive and discounted prices through its weekly, monthly, periodic and seasonal campaigns. Furthermore, anyone can refer to its website to see the prices daily.