As part of the university’s efforts to build the hub of French education in Egypt & the region, UFE have received the official recognition from the Supreme Council of the Licence of Sorbonne Nouvelle, adding it to its partners of top-ranking French universities. This Licence in 3 years is recognized like the Egyptian Licence with the same amount of credit hours.

Students enrolled in the Licence of Sorbonne Nouvelle will master at the end of their cursus, French, English and Arabic, three of the most spoken languages in the world. The Licence of Sorbonne Nouvelle at UFE prepares to careers in media, journalism, marketing, translation and international organizations. The degree also opens the possibility to pursue studies in Europe at a master level.

“The Sorbonne Nouvelle’s recognition comes as a result of UFE’s relentless efforts in providing its students with unparalleled high-quality education in either French or English in order to well-prepare them for the job market.” said Professor Denis Darpy, President of the UFE.

UFE relies on a large consortium of universities that grants French diplomas recognized in Europe and accredited in Egypt. Its partners include Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Nantes University, Haute Alsace University, Grenoble Alpes University and the INSA of Strasbourg.

It is now officially offering its students international degrees in just 3 years, additionally, such degrees are recognized in both Europe and Egypt. The French University in Egypt is pursuing a unique strategy to deliver international education in Egypt & the region according to the European system of 3 years for undergraduate degrees and 2 years for post-graduate studies.

“Our students can now be awarded with their bachelor’s degrees here in Egypt in 3 years with the possibility of spending 1 or 2 semesters at our partner university in Paris for them to get the best possible exposure to French culture,” added Professor Denis Darpy, President of the UFE.

On another side note, L’Université Française d’Égypte signed earlier this year a double-degree master’s agreement with Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) for the benefits of students in both universities. Students will have mobility to both universities’ campuses. Some of the core topics of study will be Artificial intelligence, Deep learning and Embedded Computing, the double-degree will also focus on the challenges faced by emerging economies.

Founded in 2002 as the hub of French higher education in Egypt, the UFE is a higher education institution under the dual supervision of Egyptian and French ministries of higher education. It is a multidisciplinary establishment, which grants degrees in engineering sciences, computer science and artificial intelligence, management, social sciences, architecture and applied languages. Dutifully contributing to the education of a new generation of highly skillful professionals and pathfinders.

UFE is a true gateway for French higher education between Europe, Middle East and Africa in Cairo – the UFE offers bilingual education, in French and English, provided in an Arabic-speaking environment. The university also focus on developing internationally recognized academic research in connection with the economic, industrial and social environments, which formulates the teaching quality provided by UFE.