Dubai, United Arab Emirates: QFIL Solutions - a leading UAE FinTech start-up - has scooped the ‘Best Fintech AI Solution’ award in the IFX EXPO International - Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022, recently held at a glittering event attended by top-level international fintech executives in Limassol, Cyprus.

QFIL Solutions claimed the top prize for its product MAGUS AI - an AI-driven trading solution that assists investors in their trading while offering real-time high-accuracy market readings that help in minimising risks and maximising profits.
Unlike any other product in the market, MAGUS AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to save the time and money traders spend reviewing news, technical analysis, or using technical indicators and tools to create a self-conclusion. Magus AI was created to do all of this on a trader’s behalf.
Since its soft launch in March 2022, MAGUS AI has been used by more than 5,000 traders in over 20 countries.

Elated at winning the award, Hani AlAita, Co-founder & Managing Director, QFIL Solutions commented, “We are thrilled that QFIL Solutions’ cutting-edge MAGUS AI has been recognised by the Forex Industry as the best among other prominent worldwide Fintech AI Solutions at the Ultimate Fintech Awards held during the IFX Expo - the world’s largest traders’ expo."

An accurate real-time reading of the market is critical for trading success and being a step ahead allows traders to have this edge. AI technology is recognised as a key driver for trading platforms' growth in the years to come, with over six years of machine learning that keeps on learning, delivering +80 percent accuracy our MAGUS AI technology has already started to change the game for traders to another level.”
He added, “Our vision at QFIL is to become the AI-driven trading solutions of choice for Millennials and GenZ traders as we empower them throughout our solutions to risk less and gain more.”
Indeed, research has shown AI is becoming the main driver for trading platform adoption, transforming the future of these platforms.
QFIL is set to soon launch other new disruptive trading products to help Millennials and GenZ become a better version of traders today.