London, United Kingdom: Tuum, a leading next generation core banking provider, and DDCAP Group™ (DDCAP) have partnered to offer a pre-integrated fintech solution to enhance the end-to-end trade execution and processing of Sharia compliant transactions.

From the partnership, DDCAP and Tuum clients will gain the ability to migrate legacy, automated trade execution and post trade support services for Sharia compliant financing and other credit products via a seamlessly integrated offering made available exclusively through the Tuum core banking solution in partnership with DDCAP's ETHOS AFP™ (ETHOS).

This integration will deliver further enhancement to automation of Islamic asset-based transactions, featuring functionality to enable full trade initiation by the customer, whilst prioritising the Sharia focused integrity and validation of the end-to-end solution.

The deployment of APIs will remove manual intervention during the trade and post trade cycles, thereby providing the Tuum core banking customer with access to a fully integrated, Sharia compliant interface from DDCAP ETHOS.

“DDCAP is very excited by this strategic partnership. Both we and Tuum share a mission to bring new and efficient systems solutions to our customers, in order to facilitate both a rapid lead-in to implementation and a swift migration from legacy systems. Our integrated offering will enable Islamic financial market participants access to a platform that can operate multiple business lines from a single system. This will ease the launch of new products and enhance the efficiency of existing ones to better compete and succeed in the digital world” said Stella Cox CBE, FCSI(Hon), Managing Director, DDCAP Group™.
“Tuum is thrilled to collaborate with DDCAP, a leader in Sharia-compliant solutions. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering the most advanced, next-generation Islamic core banking solutions. By integrating with DDCAP’s ETHOS AFP™, we are not only enhancing our Islamic product offerings but also reinforcing our strategic investment in the Middle East. Together, we aim to empower financial institutions in the region with seamless, Sharia-certified solutions that meet the evolving needs of their customers,” comments Jean Souto, VP, Global Partnerships at Tuum. 

About TUUM
At Tuum, our mission is to allow banks to replace their legacy systems quickly and safely, to lower their maintenance spending and to open up new possibilities to adapt and prosper in the digital world; in short, to set them free.
We employ a smart migration approach to help banks to move off their current systems. Using this approach, our clients go-live on average within 7 months.
Once live, our system enables banks to easily launch new products and open up new verticals. Offering more than core, Tuum allows banks to operate multiple business lines from a single system, including accounts, lending, payments and cards, as well as go further through access to a pre-configured ecosystem of partner solutions.
Tuum also allows for business transformation. Our business builder gives banks the fine-grained settings to precisely configure their operating, sourcing and distribution models to launch unique models to capitalize on the possibilities of digitization.
Tuum. Core banking. Without limits.

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For further information contact: 
Callum Burgess
DDCAP Group™
Director, Digital Partnerships and Business Solutions
+44 207 863 1228

About DDCAP Group™
Headquartered in London, DDCAP Group™ (DDCAP) is a market intermediary and financial technology solutions provider and we have been working to connect the global Islamic financial market responsibly for over 25 years. Through our API technology and our automated trade and post trade services platform ETHOS AFP™ (ETHOS), we have introduced digital solutions that have significantly enhanced Islamic financial market efficiencies globally.
DDCAP ETHOS offers award-winning asset facilitation services and technology solutions to over 300 Islamic financial sector clients worldwide, including banks, non-bank financial institutions, asset managers and fintechs, across a diverse range of responsible and sustainable Sharia compliant products, asset classes and markets. Since 2013 we have maintained an in-house Sharia Supervisory Board that comprises five, world renowned scholars from the GCC and Southeast Asia. 
A conscious decision to embed sustainable and responsible actions within our business and its services shapes our approaches and affiliations. DDCAP became a service provider signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment in 2016 and a stakeholder endorser of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking in 2020.
Outside of our London headquarters, our international footprint includes our representative offices in the Dubai International Financial Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bahrain.
DDCAP and ETHOS - Connecting the global Islamic financial market responsibly
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