Türkiye, the top choice for unforgettable weddings, was chosen as the world’s “Favourite Destination” at the RSVP Gala Award Ceremony at the RSVP Conference, the meeting platform of the world’s leading luxury wedding organisers.

RSVP is a prominent platform bringing together the world of luxury weddings and parties and organises symposiums, conferences, award ceremonies, and networking events. Held biannually since 2018, the RSVP Conference is considered a leading event in the global luxury wedding and party industry. This year’s edition of the RSVP Conference took place in Madrid, Spain’s capital city. The conference hosted luxury wedding, party, and event industry professionals and influential speakers. Attended by approximately 250 participants from 30 countries, the conference featured various symposiums on sustainable organisations, branding, and trends in the destination wedding and event sector.

Türkiye returned from the ceremony with an award and a conference hosting

The conference presented a ‘first’ this year with an award ceremony included in the event. Consisting of 20 categories, the RSVP Global Awards recognised Türkiye with the “Favourite Destination” award in the “Destination” category.

It was also announced at the ceremony that the next spring edition of the conference will take place in İstanbul on 2-5 April 2024. İstanbul was cited as a dynamic, modern city that complies with the preferred destination criteria for the world’s leading premium events.

Türkiye is the “Favourite Destination” for wedding tourism!

Türkiye is a primary choice for travellers because of its cultural heritage that merges the time-honoured traditions of the East and the modern qualities of Western, as well as its diverse and unique cuisine and unlimited shopping options. The country welcomes couples from all over the world who wish to celebrate their nuptials at this legendary destination. İstanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadocia, Göcek, Çeşme and Fethiye, globally renowned locations offering a plethora of exciting choices from accommodation to gastronomy, are among the most preferred luxury wedding and party destinations. These destinations feature trained professionals who plan every detail of the wedding organisation, impressing both couples and guests with a diverse range of options in terms of venues and catering.

İstanbul: A wedding paradise that combines tradition with modernity

Türkiye’s dynamic metropolis, İstanbul, is among the most popular options for destination weddings. Thanks to the city’s unique setting as a bridge between the East and West and airlines offering direct flights from almost anywhere in the world, İstanbul is easily accessible for guests residing on different continents. The city offers numerous options for wedding venues. İstanbul’s glamorous luxury hotels feature indoor and outdoor spaces that accommodate 200 to 2,000 wedding guests. Standing out with striking architectural details and modern infrastructure, these hotels have ballrooms, spa centres, and lush gardens where couples can celebrate to their hearts’ content and create memories that will last a lifetime.

İstanbul’s exceptional wedding venues are not limited to luxury hotels. As the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, the city is adorned with dazzling palaces and villas, many of which have been restored to their original appearance and equipped with modern infrastructure. Most of these structures are located along the shores of the Bosphorus and offer magnificent views – a perfect setting for the most elegant and luxurious weddings!  

Bodrum: Top destination for luxury weddings in the heart of the TurkAegean

Bodrum, one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations of the TurkAegean, offers a beautiful atmosphere for weddings steeped in romance. Like İstanbul, Bodrum is easily accessible via direct flights from the capitals of numerous countries. For land transportation in Bodrum and the TurkAegean region, guests can also benefit from VIP companies that provide exceptional services.

In terms of wedding venues, Bodrum is home to world-famous luxury hotel chains and romantic hotels with versatile indoor and outdoor event spaces. These sumptuous properties feature multiple restaurants, lounges, and music halls. Between 150 and 1,000 guests can be accommodated in the ballrooms of the hotels or their expansive gardens, poolside areas, and beach bars. Collaborating with experts to plan and manage weddings from start to finish, the facilities in Bodrum provide all the necessary services to make all a couple’s dreams come true.

Couples choosing to get married on one of Bodrum’s world-famous beaches can opt for 5-star resorts in the region or beach wedding locations with a more intimate and singular atmosphere.