​​​​​​​UAE headquartered fintech company TradeAssets, the first and the fastest-growing institutional e-marketplace of its kind, has hit a milestone of 100 (one hundred) member banks on its platform. The membership has been created in a short span of time with members from over 30 countries in East, South & West Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe & North America and has seen over US dollars 2.5 billion in posted volumes. Having enabled banks in different corridors to close transactions online, the TradeAssets portal is now connecting Latin America to South Asia.

TradeAssets is an ecosystem of financial institutions, helping close the global trade finance gap through an open, inclusive marketplace connected by technology and enabling banks in emerging markets to interact online with larger entities and gain access to affordable trade finance and liquidity in order to support their customers and keep supply chains open.

Sumit K Roy, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer says: “We are delighted to have 100 members in our e-marketplace, the first step in our global ambition. As we enable increased activity between the existing members, another 150 banks from around the world are looking to join. We are also expanding the membership to other categories of liquidity-providing institutions to increase transaction volumes and make it a true e-marketplace. Through our technology, we want to ensure that our member banks have secure, uninterrupted 24/7 portal access.”


About TradeAssets

The TradeAssets e-marketplace was launched by Fintech Innovations International DMCC based in the UAE prior to the pandemic and is quickly transitioning the industry from the current manual process of buying and selling of Trade Finance assets to a more efficient process, thereby improving connectivity and profitability.

For more information please visit www.tradeassets.online or email us at vaishali@outsourcedmarketing.co