Dubai, UAE – TikTok, has released its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report which provides insight into the volume and nature of violative content and accounts removed from TikTok during the first three months of this year. The platform releases these quarterly reports to bring transparency to the actions it takes to help keep TikTok safe, welcoming, and entertaining for its global community.

This report has been expanded to bring ever-more transparency to TikTok’s actions, progress, and challenges, and to stay accountable to its community; today, the platform reports the 30 markets with the largest volumes of removed videos which account for approximately 80% of overall video removal volume. There's also new charts for spam account activity and fake engagement.

In addition, TikTok now breakdowns removals by sub-policy. As an example, the platform is publishing the volume of content removed for hateful ideologies and for attacks and slurs, the two sub-policies under its hateful behavior policy, as well as the percentage of content removed proactively, at zero views, and under 24 hours by sub-policy. This data is available for download in machine readable formats to support further analysis by researchers, academics, and civil society.

Given the war in Ukraine, this report also reiterates TikTok’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its policies and practices to better protect the platform and its community. This includes information on content and accounts removed from the start of the invasion through the end of March as well as information on fact-checked and labeled content, and more.

The most recent report, published today, shows that 102,305,516 violating videos were removed during Q1 2022, which is around 1% of all videos uploaded. A total of 34,726,592 videos were auto removed, while 5,025,536 videos were restored.

Farah Tukan, Public Policy Manager METAP at TikTok commented “Our goal at TikTok is building a safe and secure entertainment platform that supports creators and fosters new talents. Our latest report reflects our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our community by strengthening and improving our policies to promote safety and security. Our transparency center is taking another step in our commitment to transparency and accountability with the new transparency report breakdown removals by sub-policy.”

TikTok is a global entertainment platform fueled by the creativity of its diverse community. The platform strives to foster a fun and inclusive environment where people can create, find community, and be entertained. To maintain that environment, TikTok takes action upon content and accounts that violate its Community Guidelines or Terms of Service and regularly publishes information about these actions to hold itself accountable to its community.

TikTok uses a combination of innovative technology and people to identify, review, and action content that violates its policies. This report provides quarterly insights into the volume and nature of content and accounts removed from the platform.

Visit our Transparency Center to read our Community Guidelines Enforcement Report.


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