• THA Staffing launches Hospitality vertical to respond to growing demand
  • With a business model centred on freelancers, THA’s staffing pool has grown to over 6,000 high-quality freelancers since its launch

UAE: THA Staffing, one of the leading staffing solutions providers in the region, announced today the launch of its fourth vertical, THA Hospitality. As the region sees growing demand for short and long-term employment, THA Staffing expands its offerings with the introduction of a dedicated hospitality vertical to respond to the influx of tourists to the region, uniting the strongest talents with the best-matched clients.

Catering to the seasonality of the service industry in the region, THA Hospitality allows hotel groups and restaurants to supplement their in-house pool of talent with skilled and capable personnel during busy times of the year. THA Staffing’s business model allows these establishments to take control of their operating and recruitment costs, aligned with occupancy rates, whilst maintaining the same service level.

To further support clients, THA Staffing offers prospective freelancers work visas, labour cards and necessary insurance plans, ensuring all staff deployments are compliant with the UAE Labour Law, protecting both employer and employee. Since its recent launch, the bespoke staffing provider’s Hospitality vertical has deployed over 100 staff in full-time positions across a multitude of venues in the UAE, with an additional 350 staff across leisure and corporate events.

Yoann Coulon, Managing Director of THA Staffing said: “THA Staffing aims to alleviate clients of the recruitment process and provide them with talented staff on-demand, while enabling them to scale as needed. Our freelancer-centric business model ensures clients are equipped with quality talent who complete thorough training and debrief before every job. At THA Staffing, we want to provide freelancers with diverse job opportunities while offering clients reduced costs.”

A disruptor by nature, THA Staffing was first launched to provide businesses with flexible and customised staffing solutions across Events and Corporate Staffing as well as Events Experts. THA Staffing guarantees a careful screening process to ensure it offers the highest quality of skilled freelancers. Using a carefully curated and comprehensive tool known as Liveforce, THA Staffing allows instant and efficient communication with freelancers, matching the best-suited candidates with the open positions.

In 2021 alone, THA Staffing has matched over 2,600 freelancers with top companies across various events and luxury retail stores. THA Staffing’s Event Experts vertical has contributed to over 420 events in 2021 as the region's top choice for hosting events, summits and exhibitions.

As part of its commitment to providing a nurturing environment for its talent, THA Staffing will soon launch a Freelancer Hub, to offer freelancers a flexible working space within the THA network. As the tourism industry in the region continues to flourish, the GCC remains a leading hub for global events such as the World Cup in Qatar this year. THA Staffing will be working closely with private and public bodies to provide professional staff across the UAE as well as Qatar, with further expansion plans into Saudi Arabia in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

For further information on THA Staffing’s innovative solutions, please visit: www.tha-staffing.ae


About THA Staffing:

Established in 2015 in the United Arab Emirates by Yoann Coulon and Erika Lahssini, THA Staffing provides corporations with flexible and customised staffing solutions spanning four verticals: Event Staffing, Event Experts, Corporate Staffing and Hospitality. Leveraging the power of technology, THA Staffing offers clients the best quality service in the staffing sector and provides freelancers with a curated platform for growth.

Partly acquired by French Facility Solutions Expert, Armonia Group in 2020, THA Staffing puts forward top talent ensuring flexible and practical employment solutions for clients and freelancers, supporting business needs and overall growth. Since its inception, THA Staffing adapts a freelancer-centric business model and has grown its resource pool to over 5,000 staff accessible via a sleek and efficient online platform, Live Force that’s been tailored to its precise quality standards. THA Staffing follows a rigorous screening process to unite the strongest talent with the best-matched clients.

With customers ranging from event agencies to hotel and restaurant groups, THA Staffing has successfully delivered more than 1,800 projects and deployed over 25,000 personnel with a proven track record of a 98% customer retention rate. To respond to growing demand, THA Staffing looks to expand its footprint in the region, focusing on Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to create unprecedented value and opportunity for clients, partners and talent.

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