Abu Dhabi, UAE — Airwater Co., a global air-to-water technology company, today announced funding from Abu Dhabi-based venture capital firm Tau Capital. Tau Capital invests in groundbreaking technologies, empowering pioneers to transform industries and shape a better future.

As water security concerns increase worldwide, investors, governments and companies are seeking new technologies to address challenges. Research from CDP, a global nonprofit organisation, reports water is now a major risk for global supply chains, with at least $77 billion under threat[1].

Established in Abu Dhabi in 2018, Airwater Co. has transformed into a market leader through six years of focused R&D, with a recently launched brand identity that reflects its cutting-edge innovation and global influence. Bill Murray, Tau Capital’s Managing Director remarks, “Airwater Co.’s tech-focused approach to water security exemplifies the type of transformative innovation which we at Tau Capital believe is essential for sustainable global development.”

The investment will enable Airwater Co. to scale manufacturing, infrastructure and distribution, with a focus on large commercial and industrial atmospheric water generation facilities. Alex Guy, Airwater Co.’s founder and CEO, said Tau Capital’s investment is a testament to a shared vision for a more sustainable future. “Tau Capital and Airwater Co. align in many ways, from headquarters in Abu Dhabi to the spirit of innovation this region and our companies are known for. Tau Capital’s desire to support Airwater Co. as a valued platform business that can reshape industries allows us to innovate and scale more rapidly.”

​​Emphasising Airwater Co.’s commitment to technological innovation in the UAE, and its notable client base including Hilton Hotel Group, Accor Group, NEOM and ADNOC, Andrea Mollica, Managing Director at Tau Capital, described Airwater Co. as an important catalyst for change. “Water impacts every company, employee and consumer in the world — the importance of Airwater Co.’s work and this investment goes beyond any one industry or generation. We are eager to witness the advancements the future holds.”

For more information, visit airwaterco.com. 


About Airwater Co.

Working at the intersection of tech and engineering, Airwater Co. designs and manufactures air-to-water technology to create clean water from humidity in the air. Our mission is to become the most sustainable water source in the world, with a versatile portfolio of renewable water solutions spanning commercial, industrial and consumer uses. With Airwater Co., water can be generated on-site and at scale, reducing the need for energy-intensive infrastructure, costly water transportation and single-use plastic common to traditional water sources. Visit airwaterco.com for more information.

About Tau Capital

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Tau Capital is at the forefront of venture capital investment, dedicated to propelling technological innovation and sector transformation. The firm strategically invests in foundational technologies poised to redefine industries and enrich societies globally. Learn more about Tau Capital’s impact and vision at taucapital.ae.

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[1] https://www.cdp.net/en/articles/media/water-now-a-major-risk-for-worlds-supply-chains-reports-cdp#