The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) announced its support for “Barri’s Vet Hospital”, the first comprehensive specialized veterinary hospital in Bahrain. This is in line with the national priorities outlined in the economic recovery plan and Tamkeen’s strategic direction to incentivize high potential sectors and encourage investment in innovative concepts.

This support will help the development of the project and enable local talent to gain exposure in this highly specialized field through training and recruitment opportunities in veterinary medicine. Barri’s Vet Hospital is owned by a leading Bahraini businesswoman in partnership with Dr. Barri Hamed, one of the region’s key veterinarians with over 26 years of experience, during which he contributed to improving the financial performance of several veterinary clinics in the United Kingdom through his extensive knowledge in this field.

Furthermore, Barri’s Vet Hospital aspires to be a training destination for veterinary clinics in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which in turn, will standardize the quality of services provided as well as provide access to specialized consultation sessions for critical cases.

On this occasion, Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, HE. Husain Mohamed Rajab emphasized the importance of shedding light on new concepts and enterprises that cater to the market needs and have high growth potential, commenting: “At Tamkeen, we support enterprises of all sizes across various economic sectors, as well as stimulate high potential sectors, which includes the specialized health sector, due to its role in the employment and training of highly skilled Bahrainis. Additionally, providing specialized quality services in a niche field within the GCC will position the Kingdom of Bahrain as a leader on a local and regional level, thus positively impacting the national economy.”

HE added, “we are very proud to be supporting businesswomen that help drive economic growth and development, which creates sustainable impact in the Bahraini ecosystem.”

Commenting on this initiative, Anood Khalid Al Sharif praised Tamkeen’s support for growing enterprises, stating: “Tamkeen’s support to Barri’s Vet Hospital reflects its commitment to responding to the current market needs as the hospital will be the first specialized veterinary hospital in the Kingdom and will provide high quality services along with one of the most reputable Veterinarians, which will cater to the needs of veterinary care services across the region.”

The hospital will provide unique, first of its kind services in both Bahrain and the Gulf region, by employing the latest digital and modern technology and equipment. The facility features examination rooms, surgery theatres, MRI and CT scanning machinery which are newly introduced to the Kingdom of Bahrain and considered rare in the Gulf region. In addition, the hospital will include a pharmacy equipped with well-known veterinary pharmaceuticals and a retail shop for veterinary care supplies. 

Tamkeen extends its support for all enterprises in the medical sector that aim to improve their offerings, provide explicit services, and expand their outreach which will reflect positively on the national economy. Earlier this year Tamkeen unveiled an organization-wide strategic transformation plan that included the launch of 16 support programs. The transformation initiative focuses on creating greater impact for Bahrain’s economy in response to market needs. Tamkeen’s programs were developed following a series of consultation sessions with representatives from various sectors and thus cater to the market requirements.