Taka Solutions, a leading energy services company in the UAE has recently launched Cooling-as-a-Service (CaaS), a disruptive pay-per-use model to decrease energy consumption and associated costs at chiller plants across the UAE. With CaaS, customers can eliminate upfront investment and operational expenditure and instead pay per unit of cooling consumed. 

CaaS is an innovative pay-per-use business model that enables customers to base their decision on life-cycle cost rather than on the purchase price of the equipment. CaaS enables end customers paying for the cooling they receive, rather than the physical product or infrastructure that delivers the cooling. As the appointed cooling services supplier, Taka Solutions provides its CaaS customers an opportunity to eliminate all cooling-related capital and operational expenditure, including utility bills, unforeseen costs associated with equipment breakdowns and more. Taka Solutions will take full responsibility to install and maintain the chiller plant in return for a pre-agreed charge for the actual supply and consumption of cooling. Combined with a total commitment to meet the customers' obligations, the company’s goal is to have the customers’ chiller plant operating at maximum efficiency and reliability. 

Taka Solutions’ CaaS scope includes combinations of total chiller and auxiliary equipment replacement with brand new, state of the art equipment and technology, retrofit, upgrade, refurbishment and full recommissioning of existing equipment, redesign of pump and pipework layout, as well as numerous other energy saving opportunities. Additionally, customers can offload all liabilities and risks associated with their chiller plant, including equipment breakdowns and maintenance.

Furthermore, with Taka Solutions, customers can access to the latest in cooling technology with direct technical support from the market leaders in energy efficiency, own an improved and efficient chiller plant, and increase the value of their assets, substantially reduce carbon footprint and qualify for green credentials.

This news ties in with the announcement that Taka Solutions has signed its first CaaS project with Green Coast Real Estate (GCRE) for their 11-storey residential Port Saeed building, located in Deira. As part of this project, Taka Solutions will be financing the replacement of the chiller plant with no capital expenditure to GCRE. The plant will also be operated and maintained by Taka Solutions for the contractual duration of fifteen years with no operational expenditure to GCRE, after which the plant will be handed back to GCRE at no further cost. In addition to avoiding the cost of installing a new chiller plant by GCRE, the new equipment will generate an overall savings of more than AED 2 million in utility costs, reducing the total energy expenditure and carbon footprint.

In a statement released, Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain, Chairman, Taka Solutions and Chairman and Co-Founder, Positive Zero said;

“Taka Solutions has always been at the forefront of the energy efficiency industry and the launch of its Cooling-as-a-Service model solidifies Taka Solutions’ position as the leading energy services company in the UAE. The introduction of CaaS follows the recent launch of Positive Zero, an integrated energy transition platform and parent company to Taka Solutions. Positive Zero aim to provide fully financed sustainable energy solutions enabling the transition to a net zero economy. With this project expected to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint of the development, we strongly believe more projects of this nature can contribute to achieving the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic vision."

Mr. Mansoor N Hussain, CEO of GCRE stated that;

“We are excited to sign our first Cooling as a Service (CaaS) contract in the UAE with Taka Solutions for one of our major developments in Dubai. As a customer, we enjoy several benefits such as zero investment in optimizing our chiller plant, and no operating expenditure as all cost of utilities and maintenance is Taka Solutions’ responsibility. This allows us to focus on our core business areas and leave our cooling needs to the experts. With a forecasted reduction of over AED 2 million in utility costs, we believe this type of pay-per-use financial model meets the needs of the energy industry in the UAE. We have no doubt the CaaS model with Taka Solutions will disrupt and transform the cooling industry in the UAE.”


About Taka Solutions

Taka Solutions is a UAE-based financed energy efficiency services company located in Dubai. Using a combination of engineering, technology, and finance, it provides turnkey energy performance services that are designed to optimize building system efficiency. With a fully resourced in-house team of energy experts, the company helps building owners and operators, managers, investors across all building types, sizes and ages to reduce costs, increase asset profitability and value. The company's capabilities include project development, management, financing, construction, and operations and through its extensive portfolio of 100+ efficient projects, Taka Solutions continues to make a positive economic, social, and environmental impact in the region.

For inquiries, Taka Solutions can be contacted at info@takasolutions.com