UAE-Dubai: The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has received a Swedish delegation led by Henrik Holmquist, Queen Silvia Special advisor, accompanied by Maria Jane Cossego.

The delegation was received by HE Sheikha Saeed Al Mansouri, Acting Director General of DFWAC. During the visit, the delegation toured the foundation's facilities to learn about the services it has introduced over the past decade. The tour included key areas such as the care and rehabilitation building, play therapy room, relaxation room, call centre, remote litigation room, and the children's villa.

HE Sheikha Saeed Al Mansouri highlighted that the delegation’s visit aimed to strengthen bilateral relations and exchange experiences in the field of caring for women and children. She noted that since Holmquist’s last visit, DFWAC has expanded its services and improved the quality of care for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

"Such visits provide invaluable opportunities for international delegations to learn about our latest developments and exchange ideas on best practices in this field," Al Mansouri stated. She emphasized that the foundation has hosted numerous official delegations over the past few years from around the world to share its expertise in supporting women and children.

“These visits also provide DFWAC with an opportunity to share its expertise and knowledge with like-minded institutions globally, thereby enhancing international cooperation and the exchange of experiences. This collaborative approach significantly contributes to the improvement of care and protection services for women and children worldwide.”

Additionally, Al Mansouri briefed the guests on a series of initiatives and campaigns designed to raise community awareness and provide support and protection for at-risk groups. She also shed light on DFWAC’s programmes that focus on empowering women academically, professionally, psychologically, and economically, enabling them to successfully navigate their lives.

During the visit, the delegation toured the foundation's facilities, which included the Care and Rehabilitation building, that features a relaxation room, a call center, and remote litigation services. They were also introduced to the leading methods used in play therapy, group therapy, and the best practices implemented for the benefit of its citizens.

Over the past years, DFWAC received various international delegations, representatives from civil society organizations, and embassy representatives in the UAE, underscoring its leading status regionally and globally.