Sotheby's International Realty announces the opening of Sotheby's Kuwait International Realty, an Al Sabah family-owned office under the direction of Shaikha Paula Al Sabah and Mr. Michael Bolla. 
Sotheby's Kuwait International Realty will provide the services of Sotheby's International Realty with a strong emphasis on assisting Kuwait and Gulf residents to navigate investment in foreign markets.
The partnership is heavily influenced by the longstanding goal behind Shaikha Paula's work to promote understanding and respect between the East and West. 
In this effort, the Shaikha hopes to foster respect and good relations between international investors of residential properties by providing more in-depth knowledge of residential assets and their investment potential and risks within their respective markets. 
Sotheby's Kuwait International Realty is a new kind of Sotheby's office, an advisory service for Gulf residents specifically created to provide valuation standards for large residences & estates internationally. 
Sotheby's Kuwait International Realty will provide a strong emphasis on assisting Kuwait and Gulf residents to navigate investment in foreign markets along with the services of Sotheby's International Realty.
The firm will not be hiring agents who show properties. The intention is to assemble an acquisitions team that will provide buyers of luxury real estate insight into the markets they seek to invest in and then work with local affiliates who can provide opportunities that meet these criteria.
Family offices in the Gulf represent a large percentage of the buying population of luxury city homes & country estates worldwide, and SIR Kuwait will assist in managing the aspects of the acquisitions and divestitures beyond what marketing firms provide. 
The principals of Sotheby's Kuwait have an in-depth personal relationship with the real estate markets in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Morocco, Munich, and Spain and will coordinate with Sotheby's affiliate offices worldwide. 
They take a deeply analytical long-term view of properties, more akin to the approach taken on commercial assets. 
Sotheby's Kuwait will be a very active referral resource to SIR affiliates in markets of their interest.
Shaikha Paula Al Sabah was born in New York and has been living in Kuwait since 1974. Her continued works are all a labour of love. Her lifelong passion has been to create a genuine exchange between Eastern and Western culture and peoples, as these misunderstandings have profoundly affected her throughout her lifetime. 
Additionally, Shaikha has successfully built a vast global property portfolio for her Family Office.
Michael Bolla was retained as CEO after working internationally for the Family for many years. He proved a unique ability to recognize and evaluate properties investment potential and solve complicated investment concerns in markets worldwide.  
This is the fourth Sotheby's International Realty office in the region and will be a partner office of Sotheby's Dubai.