SecondGear introduces an innovative online marketplace catering to parents and parents-to-be, offering a seamless, convenient and eco-conscious way to buy and sell quality, preloved baby and toddler items.

SecondGear fosters a secure and trustworthy trading environment, ensuring that parents can confidently engage in transactions involving items for their newborns and toddlers. This eliminates the common uncertainties associated with traditional online exchanges.

All items are carefully inspected for functionality, cleaned and photographed before being listed on the SecondGear marketplace. Buyers can purchase items online and have them delivered to their door, with sellers receiving payouts directly to their bank account.

Nadia Fourie, co-founder of SecondGear, explains, “Babies and toddlers require a lot of gear, most of which they outgrow very quickly. As parents ourselves we realised how time consuming it could be to shop for preloved items. Our re-commerce model takes the hassle out of both sides of the exchange, saving time and money for busy parents across the UAE.”

SecondGear empowers parents to make economical and astute choices, providing access to premium preloved items without compromising quality.


About SecondGear:

SecondGear is a pioneering online marketplace empowering parents to buy and sell preloved baby and toddler items. Founded by Nadia and Ashley Roberts, seasoned e-commerce experts, SecondGear is committed to promoting sustainability and convenience for parents of babies and toddlers.