Dubai, UAE, 2nd April 2024: Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd. unveils SJ Ai, an Emirati pioneering enterprise in the realm of artificial intelligence, which emerges as the first AI company of its kind, committed to spearheading the UAE’s ambitious journey towards becoming a global nexus of artificial intelligence innovation.

Rooted in the heart of Dubai’s pulsating tech landscape, SJ Ai pledges to create groundbreaking AI solutions that are synergistic with the overarching vision of SJ Verse. These solutions will be designed to redefine the technological framework within which our society operates. 

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, SJ Ai is harnessing the UAE's vibrant talent pool to support the nation's transformation into a global AI epicentre, working hand in hand with future-forward partners, government entities, and academic institutions both locally and internationally. Committed to ethical AI development and user privacy protection, the company is strategically positioned to spark a technological leap.

SJ Ai's rigorous research and product development endeavours are not only laying the foundation for a future where AI is integral to societal advancement but are also designed to seamlessly fuse digital and physical experiences, thereby transforming daily life and empowering human potential.

Dr. Khalifa Al Shimmari, CSO of Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd, said: “At SJ Ai, we are not just creating algorithms; we are sculpting a future where our technology serves as a trusted companion in the daily lives of our users. Our dedicated team is at the forefront of developing predictive and proactive AI solutions that are reliable and meticulously designed to enrich every aspect of the user’s life. We believe in a world where technology anticipates needs, simplifies complexities, and empowers individuals and communities to achieve more—this is the heart of SJ Ai’s mission and our unwavering commitment to society.”

Following recent independent reports, which predict the UAE will see the largest impact of AI on its GDP by 2030 (almost 14%), SJ Ai will position itself to meet the country’s surging demand for AI solutions and align with the UAE’s government vision for technological leadership. SJ Ai will collaborate with local and international institutions to develop ethical and user-protection AI.


About Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd

Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd is a pioneering advanced technology company at the forefront of digital innovation. With a mission to redefine the boundaries of virtual interaction and creativity, Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd is developing a groundbreaking Web3 Metaverse that seamlessly integrates diverse digital experiences. Our portfolio includes a range of subsidiaries specializing in virtual events, media production, music, e-commerce, advanced technology solutions, Ai development, and immersive gaming. Committed to sustainability and inclusivity, Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd is dedicated to creating a safe, ethical, and dynamic digital universe that enriches lives globally.  

About SJ Ai

SJ Ai, a trailblazing subsidiary of Scienjoy Verse Tech Ltd., stands at the forefront of the UAE's AI innovation, with a mission to develop predictive, proactive, and advanced AI technologies that are both reliable and transformative. As a company born out of a vision to enhance and enrich daily living, SJ Ai is dedicated to crafting AI solutions that anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of users worldwide. With a deep-rooted commitment to ethical standards and user privacy, our work is guided by the principles of enhancing human potential and seamlessly integrating advanced AI into the fabric of life, heralding a new era of technological empowerment and innovation.