Ghaith, born prematurely at 27 weeks, emerged healthy after a remarkable 72-day journey at Saudi German Hospital – Madinah. The cutting-edge technology and commitment of world-class doctors at the hospital helped save the infant.

Ghaith, who was born prematurely, faced immense challenges, including a heart defect with enlarged muscles, weak circulation and heart palpitations.

Furthermore, incomplete lung development with cysts and chronic scarring caused him breathing difficulties and he suffered complicated gastrointestinal and other infections due to his weakened immune system further.

Dr. Sabri El Gamal, a consultant paediatrician, skilfully employed high-frequency ventilators and provided Ghaith with meticulously tailored intravenous nutrition at each stage of his treatment, followed by cautious oral feeding to avoid complications.

Dr Sabri also administered lung injections and blood circulation stimulants. Additionally, meticulous attention was paid to heating, humidity and sterilisation, allowing a non-surgical closure of a heart defect. Gradually, Ghaith began to improve and regained his ability to breathe naturally.

Ghaith’s remarkable journey embodies the ‘Caring Like Family’ ethos at Saudi German Hospital - Madinah, which employs the Kingdom’s best doctors to provide compassionate care, leveraging state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.


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