Samsung Electronics Levant tapped into an all-new world of archeological beauty that is AI-supported with its new initiative where it connected technology, heritage, and art creativity together.

The combination was nothing short of impressive, the visual masterpieces of the renowned Visual Artist and Illustrator Shamekh Al Bluwi were shining on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra screen and the beauty of Jordan was remarkably uncovered with the revolutionary Galaxy AI Circle to Seach feature, which was displayed on Samsung’s 3D screen.

This collaboration represents a culmination of Shamekh Al Bluwi’s artistic endeavors to showcase the beauty of Jordan and its touristic aspect by utilizing new technologies and leveraging Galaxy AI.

On the other hand, this partnership coincides with the launch of the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra from Samsung with the Galaxy AI Circle to Search feature. It is aimed at unleashing horizons of creative and artistic educational journeys to enable users to discover the wonders of Jordan from north to south.

Circle to Search is a Google-powered feature on the Galaxy S24 that allows you to quickly search for information about what you see on your screen — including images, videos, or text by using a simple gesture with your finger or the S Pen. Learn how to utilize Circle to Search to easily search for image information across the Gallery app, web, social media, and mobile.

This distinctive feature enables you to swiftly search the internet for items of interest in an image or text without changing applications or typing out your search query. Simply use your finger or an S-pen to encircle the item or text of interest, and it will automatically trigger a search. This feature functions on all applications that permit screen capture.