Rierino, the commerce technology company headquartered in Istanbul, announced today the launch of its API-first headless platform targeting online retailers with big growth ambitions. From product information to pricing, recommendations, search, sort and cart management, the platform offers key functionalities as micro-composable components. The low/no-code interface empowers business as well as technology users to easily configure their requirements.

Developed by seasoned strategy and technology advisors with multiple digital transformations under their belt, Rierino Commerce Platform (RCP) is on a mission to free ecommerce businesses from core technology and intelligence bottlenecks. “We have witnessed, at various scale-ups we worked with, that existing technology solutions typically fall short of flexibility and analytics expectations. Companies either try to adapt themselves to the solution, or take on multi-million-dollar gamble investments trying to replatform.” said Berkin Ozmen, Cofounder and CTO at Rierino. “We created a platform they can easily make their own with a much lower TCO and timeframe.”

Rierino’s unique data-first architecture has embedded continuous intelligence capabilities transforming the backend into a ‘smart orchestrator’. From hyper-personal experiences to omnichannel journeys, data informs every flow in real-time. The solution also intends to close the gap between data scientists and business users making sure all AI/ML outputs are usable. With its smart check feature, it proactively guides business operations through automated data quality controls and action suggestions.

The startup is currently implementing the platform in multiple test clients and plans for rapid expansion with an initial focus in EMEA. It is positioned to support a variety of high-growth online businesses promising results in a matter of weeks.   


About Rierino

Rierino is a next-generation headless e-commerce platform enabling intelligent business orchestration across channels and geographies. Driving inspiration from the world's most unique gentle giants, the rhinos, it embodies power, resilience and speed to assist ecommerce businesses in claiming new territories. Made up of fully-customizable packaged modules, it is designed to complement existing and future technology assets. To schedule a demo, visit https://rierino.com or say hello@rierino.com

Mine Ozmen - Cofounder
Email:    mine.ozmen@rierino.com
Web:      https://rierino.com