On Tuesday, 20 June 2023 Rachel Kidwell, Founder of innovative property technology platform TCPinpoint hosted an intensive Masterclass on Digital Transformation in Dubai at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC. The masterclass was organized in partnership with The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers (MECS+R) and facilitated by Sidharth (Sid) Mehta, the Regional  Director MENA & India for the Department for Trade and Investment.

Participants were encouraged to embrace curiosity and consistency within their organizations, to contribute to the estimated 4.5 million square meters of retail space, expected to be developed in the GCC region by 2026.

Focussing on the effectiveness of curiosity and consistency in enabling momentum for companies’ retail design and delivery digital transformation efforts, Rachel shared a number of key themes she has discovered over the last two decades of delivering retail tenancies and now driving cutting edge technology solutions for the industry.

“Rachel said … combining key themes based on our lived experience as to how to gain digital transformation motion within companies requires consistent effort.  The more we can educate ourselves and share our stories the more digital transformers we can enable.

The phenomenal rate of development planned for the GCC in the next two years demands businesses lead with conviction and consistency to inspire their teams to drive digital transformation strategies within their organisations.  Having 100% of participants responding to our post event survey confirm they feel inspired to make small, everyday efforts towards enabling digital transformation strategies in their organisations as a result of the workshop tells me that we had a bright and enthusiastic team of retail professionals in attendance.  I’m looking forward to continuing the discussion in our online group and supporting them in their future efforts. “

David Macadam, CEO of the Middle Eastern Council of Shopping Centres, added "Rachel Kidwell's session on Digital Transformation and the RDD Process at the Gregory Vogt School Retail Professionals, held last June 20 in Dubai, was a remarkable experience that left a profound impact on our delegates. Her unparalleled expertise and unwavering passion were evident as she effortlessly steered us towards a transformative journey in the realm of retail.

Rachel's insightful guidance sparked our imagination, empowering us to embrace change and redefine our paths to success. Through her ability to simplify intricate concepts, she captivated and engaged every attendee, making the session accessible and relatable to all. Rachel is a true visionary, an invaluable asset to the retail industry, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to her for participating in our training event”.

Participants shared their feedback post the Masterclass with feedback from attendees confirming that the:

 “The content was very informative and useful. We need to implement the same as soon as possible”

“An eye-opening keynote, really appreciated.”  

Sidharth Mehta from the South Australian Department for Trade and Investment has been an integral support to the growth plans for TCPinpoint into the region.

Sidharth commented “It has been a solid journey in the region for TCPinpoint from the time we had introduced Rachel to MECSC last year; it is terrific to see them collaborate to conduct this extremely important workshop for retail industry professionals in UAE and the region. The workshop will help professionals to prioritise and leapfrog their digital transformation and retail design and delivery innovations to the next level”.