Khobar, KSA: Retal Urban Development Company (“Retal” or “the Company”), a real estate development champion, today listed its shares on the Main Market of the Saudi Stock Exchange following the successful completion of its Initial Public Offering of shares (“IPO” or the “Offering”). The Company is now trading under the ticker symbol: 4322.

The shares of Retal were priced at SAR 120 per share, at the top of the Company’s initial price range, implying a market capitalization at listing of SAR 4,800 million (US$ 1,280 million).

The Company floated 12,000,000 Offer Shares, representing 30% of its issued share capital. Final allocations were 90% to Participating Parties entitled to participate in the book-building process and 10% to individual investors, including Saudi Arabian nationals, foreign residents in Saudi Arabia and GCC nationals.

Eng. Abdullah bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Braikan, Chief Executive Officer of Retal Development Co., said: “Today represents a watershed milestone in our 10-year growth journey in the Saudi market. We have achieved momentous strides to reinforce Retal’s name and reputation, building some of the most iconic master plan communities, alongside prominent public and private partners. We are incredibly proud of the remarkable trust we have witnessed from institutional and individual investors for our shares throughout the listing process. We look forward to charting the company’s next chapter of success with their continued support and trust.

“The growth prospect for Retal is evident through the growing demand for houses supported by the increasing availability of home financing and the Saudi Government’s plans to increase homeownership to 70% by 2030G.

Our strategic priority is to reinforce the company’s leadership position in the field of off-plan sales, expand market share and further diversify Retal’s customer base in Saudi. Retal’s scalable business model and integrated business units place us in a strong position to capitalise on the upward market demand, maximising value for our shareholders and elevating the lifestyle of Saudi nationals in line with Vision 2030.”

With respect to the Offering, the Company appointed SNB Capital as the Sole Financial Advisor, Lead Manager, Bookrunner, and Underwriter.

For more information, including the Prospectus, please visit the Capital Market Authority website, the Saudi Exchange website or the Retal Urban Development Company website


Sole Financial Advisor, Lead Manager, Bookrunner, and Underwriter
SNB Capital
Zaid Al Ghoul
Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking Department
Media Enquiry
Brunswick Group
Jade Mamarbachi / Joudi Issa
Abdullah AlShuwayer


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