Cairo:  QNET, the world leader in direct selling, honours International Women's Month through its continuous support and empowerment of women in the communities in which it operates. QNET believes that all women, no matter their age, identity, or location, must be given equal economic, political, and social opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

QNET considers women an integral part of its 25-year legacy. Since the company's founding, QNET has invested heavily in ensuring its business model, product strategy, and local operations uplift women communities. For example, through international events focused on uplifting women, such as the We Conquer Run 2022 that was held in conjunction with Pink October, where QNET supported a regional awareness campaign on breast cancer.

Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET, says, "QNET believes in the potential and capabilities of women. We work closely with our customers, employees, and global communities to create consistent opportunities for women to start their own business, further their skills, and feel empowered to take on leadership roles that can change others’ lives for the better. One of our major initiatives for women communities is QNET’s financial literacy programme, FinGreen, which nurtures women through financial education and transforms them into knowledge experts.”

Caluza further explained that QNET has significantly contributed to helping more women participate as active and productive members of society and the economy. It has provided them with opportunities to work in the field of e-commerce, and direct selling — which is now a women-led industry with over 74% of distributors being women.

Furthermore, Caluza emphasised that the direct selling is attracting many women to work in the industry, due to the flexibility and low entry barriers. Women were able to become business owners through direct selling, which contributed to an increase in their income level, and a significant change in their families' standard of living.

As girls grow up and look to the future, it is important to ensure they have equal opportunity to engage in sports and play. Studies have shown that teenage girls drop out of sports, or refuse to play at all, at a higher rate than boys – mainly due to inequitable access and gender stereotypes in sports. Committed to opening the door for more women and girls to participate in sports, QNET works with international sports partners such as tennis player Martina Hingis — the youngest person to ever hold the world no. 1 ranking and a five-time Grand Slam champion – to encourage female athletes. QNET is also the main sponsor for the Galatasaray Women's Volleyball Team, one of the top volleyball teams in Turkey. To further inspire women to excel in sports, QNET promotes women's sports by highlighting the commitment and perseverance that female athletes and female entrepreneurs share.

The advent of direct selling not only redefined the conventional notion of self-employment, but fostered an ecosystem that is more inclusive for women, empowering them to create a better quality of life for themselves through improved income, acquisition of new skills, as well as the development of their social and work relationships.